How To Make Your Hot Girl Walk The Best Part Of Your Day

Back in the olden days, a walk would be called a “constitutional,” and girls would stroll with their parasols to protect their complexion while getting some fresh air and exercise. While the hot girl walk might look a bit different today, the health benefits are the same!

By Anna Hugoboom5 min read
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Why not running or at least jogging? Isn’t walking the “lazy” way to work out? Actually, walking is one of the best forms of exercise you could ever do. Running is a high-impact exercise and increases stress on our lower limbs’ joints, which over time can slowly cause inflammation and can make your legs, feet, and ankles more susceptible to arthritis and injuries, such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and Achilles tendonitis.

Although running burns more calories than walking, the long-term risks are a bit concerning. If you want a bit more calorie burn than you get with regular walking, make it a power walk! Power walking – meaning walking at a vigorous pace, around 3 to 4.5 mph – is an efficient and highly effective method for burning calories and steadily increasing your endurance capacity without stressing your heart. 

Power walking, or speed walking, burns almost as many calories as jogging but puts minimal stress on the knees and ankles. Plus, walking simultaneously improves cardiovascular function and bone health. Just be sure to maintain good posture while walking: straight spine, shoulders back, flexing the inner thighs when the leg goes back, making purposeful steps with your shoes landing light, and pushing off with the ball of each foot. 

We've been familiar with the hot girl walk for a while now, so the novelty of it may have worn off for some, but we're here to reignite that flame. Want to know how to make your hot girl walk the best part of your day? Read on.

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Hot Girl Walk Outfit

Finding a cute matching workout set is a fun way to (literally) dress up your daily walk! There are countless cute crewnecks perfect for fall like this one from YLLW The Label that screams "it girl". To round out your clean girl aesthetic, pair it with leggings or joggers, a slicked-back bun, tiny gold hoops, and white sneakers.

Or, if you're into more feminine athletic dresses, try to find one that has breathable fabric made of quality material. Check out the versatile Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress or the Halara Activity Dress – you can even wear a shirt and leggings underneath if it’s cold out or layer a cute crewneck over top. This shirt dress style Cabana Performance Dress is sun-protective with long sleeves and a classy zip-up front, and the Calia Mock-Neck Golf Dress also has long sleeves for when it gets cooler. For a super pretty and classy option that doesn’t scream athleticwear, see the Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Dress.

A few other ways you can complete your feminine look is to wear a coordinating scrunchie, hair clips, or a bow, and even toss on a durable little pendant necklace that won’t break easily and will make you look extra cute while taking on the sunshine!

Press Play

Your hot girl walk is a good time to catch up on your favorite artist (Guts, anyone?) or podcasts. You can make a curated playlist for your walk, based on if you want calming or energizing music. Or you could finally listen to that podcast your bestie keeps raving to you about. If you want some insights on dating, listen to Matthew Hussey. Inspiring motivational speakers on life wisdom include Jay Shetty, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins. If you’re on a health journey, check out holistic health figures such as Dr. Steven Gundry and Dr. Jolene BrightenIf you're into something lighter, try The Toast for a daily pop-culture show, or the What We Said podcast for funny stories shared by two best friends.

If you feel like stepping to music instead, ask your friends to share their Spotify playlists and see what you like and want to add to your favorites. It’s always fun to try new things and expand your cultural knowledge, especially if you’ve had the same music on your phone for a few years (ahem, definitely been there). 

Call a Loved One

Calling a friend or family member to catch up is another way to get excited for your daily walk. It’s a great time to call your sister or grandma, or both! Talking on the phone can be a good distraction when you feel the monotony kick in, plus you might as well kill two birds with one stone and use the time productively if you’ve been meaning to catch up with that person! If the first person you call only has a couple minutes for a nice hi-how’s-it-going, then simply go down the list of people you need to ring.

Meditative Alone Time

On the other hand, we all need some peace and quiet every once in a while, especially with the craziness of the work week and weekend social time. Many of us have a hard time actually resting in this busy culture, and an even more difficult time with being alone and appreciating silence. 

Walking is a good way to force yourself into active rest mode to decompress! This is especially good for when you’re approaching the end of your luteal phase and need some restorative alone time. 

Decompress from thinking about work, your schedule, and upcoming events, and simply allow your mind to wander and rest in the beautiful nature before you. If you don’t have the luxury of walking in a park or nature area, use your mental energy to meditate and reflect on the most beautiful locations you’ve been to (or want to go). 

Spruce Up Your H2O

Fancifying your water is a handy way to make sure you stay hydrated and add a fun detail to your walking routine! Get a cute, clear glass bottle and add fresh fruit and herbs, such as lemon and cucumber, raspberry and blueberries, watermelon and mint, lime and mint, or blueberries and lavender. Tea is also a yummy option (brew the tea first, then pour it in with ice). My favorites are mint tea, raspberry tea, green tea, Trader Joe’s Moroccan mint green tea, and pomegranate tea. You could also try some natural vitamin C drinks like Emergen-C or Bloom superfood sticks.

If you really want to go the extra mile with this step, stir in a beauty collagen powder like the Moon Juice Collagen Protect or Garden of Life Grass Fed Collagen Beauty. And if you want to up your protein intake at the same time, try the Multi Protein Collagen Sticks from Ancient Nutrition.

Challenge Accepted

Wear a step counter like Fitbit to make your walk a challenge for yourself to complete. That extra sense of accomplishment can be a little cherry on top of your boosted serotonin levels. 

Another way to make sure you’re consistent is to make a schedule for yourself. Either set reminders on your phone calendar for the next week or write them down on your paper planner so you can check your hot girl walk off each day. Some people do better in their personal goals when they physically check something off a list – it makes the to-do item more tangible than having yet another phone notification pop up (that’s easy to snooze or forget altogether). 

Enlist a Walking Buddy

Recruit a friend or family member to join you. Get them excited about it so you can pump each other up and stay motivated. Even if your accountability buddy lives in a different state and you simply walk "together" by calling each other to catch up each morning while you work out, anything helps.

Having a buddy also ensures you’ll make the walk happen and keep it on a schedule. During college, I enlisted a girlfriend to go on a “hot girl bike ride” with me for a 6-mile stretch at sunrise every morning for several weeks. Sometimes it was hard getting up before the sun, but having the accountability helped scoot me out of bed, and I always felt better after the ride. 

Change Routes

Switching up your location often keeps it interesting, instead of always doing the same-old-same-old, day in and day out. Some people like having a familiar route so they can tune out of the direction and tune into a podcast – and that’s totally fine, to each her own! However, it can be refreshing to try someplace new every once in a while, even if it’s not every day. Is there a cute coffee shop that's within walking distance? Treat yourself by rerouting every Friday to grab a special latte as a reward for a successful week!

Re-Cycle Your Routine

One fun thought is to change up your walk week by week based on your cycle phases! So, as a suggestion, in your follicular phase, you could listen to motivational talks and lectures. In the days approaching ovulation, incorporate a few social calls to family and friends.

During your sociable ovulatory phase, you could alternate between having a walking buddy and calling friends. Use your social butterfly energy to get all your catch-up time in with quality connections. Also, try new routes during this phase if possible, since you’re feeling energetic and adventurous!

In your luteal phase, start with music and podcasts that support and boost your changing moods. As you approach your period, lean more into classical or calming artists like Enya or Josh Groban. 

Finally, in the cocoon of your menstrual phase, keep quiet on your daily walk and go inward. Observe silence and recharge your batteries that are delicate during this time to last you throughout the day. 

Closing Thoughts 

How is it that something so simple could be the key to our success? There are countless ways to hack your hot girl walk and optimize it to your advantage. You can use it to be educational, restorative, and motivational, and the energy you gain each day will undoubtedly carry over into the rest of your daily activities. 

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