Ranking Every Song On Olivia Rodrigo's New Album "Guts" From Worst To Best

Olivia Rodrigo has come out with another successful album titled "Guts" – here are her songs ranked from worst to best.

By Nicole Dominique4 min read
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I like to describe Olivia Rodrigo, 20, as this generation’s Avril Lavigne (of course, there will never be another Avril, but I use the comparison to better illustrate Rodrigo’s pop-rock style). But instead of fun bops about a “Sk8ter Boi” or breakups, Rodrigo’s newest album, Guts, masterfully expresses the growing pains of adolescence in 42 minutes. From betrayal to social anxiety and body-image struggles, Rodrigo does every woman in modern society justice by conveying the miseries of growing up. To her, it is a "time capsule," encompassing everything from "wrenching, cinematic" ballads to "playful and insouciant” tunes. After taking my time to soak in Guts in its entirety, I can confidently say that Rodrigo is one of the most talented young musicians of today.

So, without further ado, here are Rodrigo’s songs ranked from worst to best.

12. Bad Idea Right? 

Situationships and exes are the themes of “Bad Idea Right?” and the lyrics give you the perfect imagery of this: “Haven't heard from you in a couple of months / But I'm out right now, and I'm all f*cked up / And you're callin' my phone, you're all alone / And I'm sensin' some undertone.” These verses are a ballad, and maybe I’m just not a fan of them, but I didn’t particularly enjoy this song. The “Seein' you tonight, it's a bad idea, right?” in the chorus gets insanely tiring and repetitive, and the solo guitar at the end is pretty typical. Therefore, “Bad Idea Right” wins the “Worst Song” title. 

11. Get Him Back!

Another ballad-type tune. The verses aren't sung so much as they are spoken, which sounds great in some cases but not so much in "Get Him Back." However, the buildup to the chorus and the chorus itself are fun and great to sing along to. The backup vocals added a nice sound to it as well, and the acoustic guitar is a chef’s kiss – it’s too bad the verses ruined it for me.

10. Love Is Embarrassing 

The lyrics of this song are pretty typical and nothing spectacular: Girl meets boy. The boy kisses someone else. The girl is heartbroken and feels dumb. However, it’s a bop! It’s easy to dance to, perfect for jumping on the bed and using a hairbrush as a mic. And like many of us who have experienced a crush (let’s be real, having a crush can make you cringe), the lyrics “My God, love's embarrassing as hell” are relatable to many. 

9. All-American B*tch 

According to Genius, “All-American B*tch” explores “the contradictions inherent in American culture which places and promotes unattainable ideals for women to achieve rife with double standards.” Overall, I love the soft-sang verses, which jump quickly into a more pop-punk sound in the chorus, bringing out the early 2000s alternative rock nostalgia. You may ask why this song is ranked number 9, then. Toward the end, Rodrigo screams (in lowercase, I might add – that's the best way I can describe it), and I could not take the song seriously at that point. Though, I admit, it does add some appeal to the song. It’s very “teenage girly.”

8. Logical 

The lyrics may be a bit juvenile, with the chorus singing, "I look so stupid thinkin' / Two plus two equals five / And I'm the love of your life / 'Cause if rain don't pour and sun don't shine / Then changing you is possible / No, love is never logical." But the melody is stunning, and Rodrigo does a great job reminding us of how foolish we sometimes are when we have rose-colored glasses. The entire song remains enjoyable, yet the bridge is when the tune truly shines. 

7. Ballad of a Homeschool Girl 

This song is head-bang-worthy, but make no mistake: “Ballad of a Homeschool Girl” goes much deeper than you think. Rodrigo sings about the struggles of fitting in, how everything she says and does nearly feels like an act of “social suicide.” Like so many young women, I had to learn how to navigate life with social anxiety and the incessant thoughts I had about being a “weirdo.” Despite this, this piece deserves to be sung in a car with the volume turned up.

6. The Grudge 

“The Grudge” is exactly what it states. When you listen to it on your AirPods, expect the conjuring up of lingering grudges from previous relationships. It’s raw and heartbreaking; it perfectly encapsulates a damaged connection. It’s sung beautifully and emotionally, and I give Rodrigo props for making me want to lie in bed and think (and cry) about the friendship betrayals I’ve gone through in my teenage years. 

5. Making The Bed 

How many of us finally attain the life we’ve wanted, only to realize that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? “Making the Bed” is exactly about that – the mid-life crisis, the realization that whatever used to bring us joy, is waning. The tune sounds bittersweet but captivating. For Rodrigo, this song describes her dwindling satisfaction with fame. 

When she spoke with Phoebe Bridgers for Interview Magazine in September, the young singer revealed this was the hardest song for her to write. "There’s one song that I wrote about how my life changed because of all of the things that happened with the last album and how crazy that was. It was cathartic in the end, but it was kind of hard dredging up all of that stuff. Anytime something bad happens with my career, I’m like, ‘Wow. I’m so lucky that I get to do this. You have to be grateful. So many people would love to be in this position.’ But you still have to acknowledge trauma."

4. Pretty Isn’t Pretty 

Part of growing up is feeling insecure about your appearance. It’s knowing deep down that you’re pretty, but, at the same time, not pretty enough due to the demands of society’s beauty standards. So you continuously buy new clothes, try different styles of makeup, and edit your photos to feel good about yourself, but you never feel satisfied. The guitar in “Pretty Isn’t Pretty” is simple but catchy, and Rodrigo’s vocals do a great job of conveying the frustrations of insecurity. 

3. Teenage Dream 

This is the final song in Guts, and it dives into the complex experience of navigating adolescence in the public eye. It highlights the immense and heavy expectations placed on musicians to always outdo their previous achievements; in this case, it's after Rodrigo's hit debut album, Sour. Through somber lyrics, Rodrigo sings about her concerns about losing the most authentic aspects of herself as she ages. The song's tone is reminiscent of every woman’s journey of self-reflection as they try to reconnect with their inner child in adulthood. The slow melody brings out Rodrigo’s vocals as she performs.

2. Vampire 

There's a reason why "Vampire" has over 340,000,000 plays on Spotify. This song became popular because of how well the lyrics and rhythm capture betrayal and heartbreak, so much so that it was frequently used as the background music for the Scandoval videos on TikTok. The lyrics are fantastic, and Rodrigo's vocals come out strong, and she hits each high note effortlessly and dramatically.

1. Lacy 

Lacy, oh, Lacy is all I can say. But seriously, the rhythm, lyrics, and Rodrigo's vocals in this song are perfect. Her dreamy voice matches the ethereal acoustic guitar. In this song, Rodrigo confronts her feelings of inferiority by personifying the qualities of women who intimidate her through a character named "Lacy." The bridge's crescendo of an angel-like chorus is brought back down to earth by breathy, soft whispery vocals.

Thanks to this tune's intimate sound and Rodrigo's pained jealous expression through her careful and soft vocals, "Lacy" ranks #1.

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