How To Find Your Home Decor Aesthetic

Creating a home you adore is more than finding the right location. The interior decor of your space reflects your personality and your goals more than you might think!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read

While we firmly believe that home is where the heart is, we also know that unnecessary clutter and disjointed decor can encourage chaos rather than comfort in our most treasured spaces. The first step of any home improvement is to declutter your existing collection of items and decor, choose which items deserve a spot in your updated space, and then immediately get rid of the excess stuff. 

Once you’ve cleaned out your existing collection, create an attainable mood board of your ideas, colors, decor pieces, and furniture that will best reflect your goals for that space. Once you decide on your home aesthetic, you can begin shopping and then staging your home! 

Finding an aesthetic that inspires your best self isn’t as difficult as it may sound! We’ve compiled a list of popular home decor styles that are easily integrated into your home – big or small. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out this article on last year’s major trends.

Let’s get into it! 

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Love the frills of the coquette aesthetic? We do too! This trending fashion aesthetic is an ultra feminine home decor style that is easy to put together – even if you aren’t an interior decorator. The color scheme of this aesthetic is pink and white, with an emphasis on bows, florals, and simplicity. If you want to fully commit to both the style and home decor aesthetics, your beauty products can double as tabletop decor – display your fragrances and hair accessories as the focal point of the room. 

Here are a few of our coquette picks to inspire your decor refresh!

Artfully Walls I Still Read Fairy Tales Wall Art, $158

UO Big Bow Comforter, $200

UO Home Heart Stemmed Bud Vase, $12

Eclectic Grandpa

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic has been trending on TikTok for a while, and the home decor inspo is a perfect combination of colors, patterns, and shapes that encourage the ultimate cozy living space. While you may not want to camp out on another trending aesthetic, this term is quite helpful in defining your search and describing your design goals before you revamp your space! 

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic is essentially a muted version of your grandparents’ house, with an emphasis on bookshelves, dark wood, and vintage items. In a sense, the aesthetic is organized clutter with a muted color scheme and lots of greenery. To accomplish this decor look, you’ll need a variety of books (perfect items to thrift) as well as a central coffee table in your living room for eclectic items. 

Need to add a few pieces to your home decor? Check out our picks! 

Uma Fluted Glass Lamp, $68

UO Vinyl Record Storage Shelf, $119

The Terrain Houseplant Book, $35 

Garden Party 

Flowers are the original home decor piece, so creating a space that feels natural and inviting requires a floral emphasis. Play with different patterns that include one continuous shade, such as green, so your space reflects your favorite garden space. Shelf decor should include fresh flowers, and your wall decor can feature your favorite blooms in whatever art style you prefer! 

Let’s update your garden decor with a few new pieces!

Artfully Walls Blushing Wall Art, $178

Nathalie Lete Embroidered Velvet Pillow, $78

UO Botanical Stemmed Wine Glass, $14

Anthropologie Eden Platter, $68

Modern Farmhouse

While the farmhouse home decor aesthetic has been popular for a while, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this soft, clean decor style without caving to outdated, millennial basics. To keep this decor style fresh, you’ll need to incorporate a variety of different textures into your space, as well as some simple patterns that will cohesively blend with the range of beige and white tones. Patterned wallpapers are a major decor trend this year, which add the perfect final touch to your home! 

Ready to update your “sad beige” home into a modern cozy oasis? 

Farrow Ball Closet Stripe Wallpaper, $225

Safavieh 24in Flora Seagrass Table Lamp, $60

Anthropologie Carved Wooden Cake Stand with Glass Dome, $38

Coastal Classic

If you’re holding on to the remnants of the coastal grandmother aesthetic, this coastal classic home decor aesthetic is an elevated way to design your space. Light blue will be the primary color focus of your decor, along with bright shades of white and a classic wood finish. 

To avoid the instantly outdated components of this aesthetic, stay away from obvious artwork and decor elements that focus on ocean creatures. Shells, starfish, and boat shapes can be used in a classic way, but shouldn’t be the defining feature of your coastal classic home! 

Need to add a few new coastal pieces to your living room? Check out these gorgeous items! 

UO Toile Duvet Set, $100

Safavieh 26in Nissa Table Lamp, $70

Abrams Hardcover Coastal Blue Coffee Table Book, $40

Terrain Blue Floral Ceramic Vase Tall, $24

Elevated Preppy

Preppy home decor often invites the IG reels of sorority houses and dorm room decor to mind. However, there is an updated version of this bubbly pink and blue decor theme for your post-grad needs! The base of your home decor will be bright white (not beige), and the accents will feature pink and blue illustrations and objects. A white bed frame, bedspread, and bedside table create the perfect canvas for pink pillows, preppy artwork, and related items.  

 Here are a few fun home decor items to add to your collection!

Anthropologie Candace Mirror, $378

Balta 5X7 Covey Checkered Shag Rug, $70

Alja Horvat Yumi Cherry Tray, $59

Closing Thoughts

Choosing a home decor aesthetic is step one to enjoying your newly furnished place. Decorating your home should spark joy! 

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