How To Find Your Home Aesthetic

Decorating a home can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. To avoid overbuying random pieces or spiraling into the depths of Pinterest, choose a home aesthetic that encapsulates the home you want.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Just because one of your favorite influencers or friends has a perfectly decorated home doesn’t mean that their choice of home décor is perfect for you. Finding your own personal home aesthetic is important to creating a space that’s tailored to you! When it comes to furniture choices, wall art, specific greenery or flowers, as well as bedding, throw pillows, and rugs, there are so many decisions to be made. And while it can be fun to randomly select pieces that you love without thinking about the overall look of the room, it's not always the best for creating a cohesive space. 

To help with this, scroll through Pinterest and Instagram to find reference pictures that match the style you like best, and then build your décor from there. Knowing what rooms have the best natural light can also help with the development of your home décor. Another aspect to think about is storage. If you need a lot of storage space, your décor needs to be functional and cute. 

Wondering what home décor aesthetic is best for you? Here’s a list of a few popular aesthetics and how to style them! 

Coastal Grandmother

You may have heard of the coastal grandmother aesthetic for style and beauty, but the home décor aesthetic is equally classy and beachy. And no, it doesn’t mean nautical-themed décor!

The key aspects of the aesthetic are simple, modern, and light. The base of the home is white, and then you slowly introduce soft shades into the décor, without too many splashes of color. The emphasis on calming colors, shapes, and pieces is a major aspect of the aesthetic, so the décor you choose will need to fit into those categories. 

Relaxed and elevated, the neutral colors of the coastal grandmother aesthetic will instantly transform any space. Maybe you just need a new paint color for one room or want to transform a random closet. Keep the patterns minimal and the fabrics as natural as possible. 

Need a few new pieces to get you started? Here are our favorite coastal grandmother home décor picks!

Handwoven Skylar Rug, $383.60

Honeycomb Vases, up to $68

Textured Wilder Duvet Cover, up to $308

Ingram Six-Drawer Dresser, up to $1,598


Nothing says “I’d rather be in Paris” than a Parisian chic home! If you love classic silhouettes and a moody yet feminine feel, the Parisian home décor aesthetic is the perfect combination. 

While there are some things you can’t easily change about the layout of your space, with the proper décor pieces, you can turn any home into a Parisian oasis. An ornate mirror with curved edges can bring the space together. Curved shapes are organic and natural, and they will create a feel that is homey yet sophisticated.

Keep an eye out for historic features or natural materials in your current space, and make the most out of those spots. Oh, and you are going to need florals like white roses, lilies, and daffodils. Plastic or fresh from Trader Joe’s, your home needs the elegant touch of a floral arrangement. A touch of lavender is another way to tie in the French feel in your home. 

Here’s some shopping inspo! 

Gleaming Primrose Vanity Trays, up to $88

Marlow Performance Boucle Curve Sofa, $2,599

Megan Galante Karten Vase Art Print, $24-$299

Floral Ceramic Bud Vase, up to $34


If you love all things vintage, then retro home décor might be perfect for you and your space. A muted range of colors will tie the whole look together. 

A great place to find vintage pieces is the local thrift store. Colorful glass pieces, geometrically patterned rugs, and wall art are perfect things to look for at the store. Unique framed posters or other wall art is one of the key aspects of a retro space, as well as cool pieces for your shelves. Note the emphasis on unique! 

The retro look works best in a room with muted lighting, so add deeper color curtains if you have many windows that provide bright light during the day. Deeper hues combined with some of the brighter elements balance each other out, and create a homey space you’ll love! 

To fill in some of the gaps of the thrift store shelves, here are some great vintage-esque finds!

Schatzi Brown Retro Jumbo Daisy Removable Wallpaper, up to $99 

June Journal Retro Curve Art Print, $24-$299

Kemali Quilt, up to $258


If sharp, clean lines and lots of reflective surfaces are everything on your Pinterest board, the modern aesthetic might be perfect for you. The modern look will quickly spread across your home, creating a space that is functional and unique to you! 

You’ll want to stick to a very simple color scheme for this aesthetic. Black, white, and a metallic finish are the typical trademarks of the modern aesthetic, paired with functional and modern shapes and silhouettes. If you want to include patterns, they should be simple and impressive – grids make perfect accents to modern spaces! Marble is a great way to elevate any piece for this aesthetic. 

Here are a few pieces to start your modern home decor journey! 

Ziggy Vase, $39 

Cabaret Wallpaper, $158

Marble Task Lamp, $100


If a capsule wardrobe speaks to you on a deeper level, the minimalist home décor aesthetic is one you should explore. Neutral colors, leafy plants, purposeful and uncluttered surfaces – these are the trademarks of a minimalist home. 

Basically the equivalent of a non-beachy coastal grandmother, the minimalist home décor aesthetic removes some of the emphasis on natural fibers and replaces them with functional neutral pieces. To avoid cluttered shelves, each piece of décor should have a purpose while also creating a cohesive space, with only a few statement pieces on surfaces and simple wall art. 

Check out these pieces! 

Minimalist Gallery Frames, up to $98 

Savile Bed Set, $525

Astoria Wall Mounted Shelving Unit, $398

Closing Thoughts

Selecting a home aesthetic you love is a fun task! Whether you like the modern look or want to make everything retro, enjoy the process of making any space a home! 

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