Valentine’s Day Home Decor You’ll Want To Keep Up Well Past February

Romance is in the air, it's on the walls, it's even on my favorite boucle chair.

By Anna Hartman1 min read

I'm notorious for leaving up my Christmas decor way longer than is socially acceptable. One year, I even told my husband it was going to be our Valentine's Day activity to put the tree away together (he was thrilled, as you can imagine). My procrastination with stowing away the wreath, the garlands, and all the pretty ornaments doesn't have as much to do with it being a huge time-suck as it does with how cold and unclothed my home looks afterward.

This year? I've found a solution, and glancing around as I type this, my home feels anything but cold. It feels romantic, sweet, feminine, fun, flirty. I'm never going back. But wait, you think, "Isn't Valentine's Day decor super cheesy?" You may think that the decor inspired by this iconic Hallmark holiday (love it or hate it) is strictly for hosting parties or making children feel special, but that’s where you’d be dead wrong. We’re making this lovey-dovey home decor our own this year by curating a list of elevated furniture, wall art, glassware, and everything in between. Cheesy or tacky isn’t a word that’s going to come to mind when you scroll this list, guaranteed.  

The pieces we have chosen could easily fit into an ultra-feminine, coquette aesthetic any time of the year, but will certainly work for your Galentine's Day soiree too. Grab an extra decadent chocolate and dream up your girliest space with us. Let’s get to shopping! 

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