Hard Pass: 7 Fashion Trends We Can’t Get On Board With This Summer

Summer is approaching, which means a whole range of new fashion trends. We may even test out a few like the Coastal Grandmother or Country Club Chic aesthetic. But when it comes to the trends you won't dare catch us in, we've got at least seven.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
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You know that we’re big proponents of timeless fashion here at Evie. And while we can get on board with trends from time to time (when they’re flattering and feminine), sometimes the things that are trending just leave us shaking our heads. 

Whether it’s trashy, tacky, or just plain ugly, a lot of trends, no matter which Instagram influencer or celebrity you see wearing them, just aren’t worth it. Oftentimes, we find that you regret your purchase later after having spent money on something you’ll end up donating, or worse, throwing away.

These are 7 fashion trends you’ll be seeing this summer that we just can’t get on board with. If you're anything like us and value sophisticated, classy, and feminine style choices, skip these trends and invest in quality, timeless pieces instead.

1. Thong Pants

One truly awful Y2K trend that is rearing its ugly head is thong pants. We’ve been seeing these pop up at lots of major fast fashion stores indicating they have come back into style, but it’s safe to say you can count us out of this trend. It's already weird wearing underwear as outerwear but the thongs aren't even pretty.

We’ve also seen the same look popping up in skirts and dresses, but any version of this trend should just stay with the ghosts of awful red carpets past as far are we’re concerned. 

2. Chunky Rings

When it comes to jewelry, less is more. Seriously, large statement jewelry so rarely looks good and you’ll hardly ever have a proper occasion to wear it (unless you’re Phoebe from Friends). And when it comes to chunky neon rings, this couldn’t be more true (or more tacky). So stick with simple, dainty, and timeless options instead. 

3. Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman sandals are going to be everywhere this summer. They’re already stocked in stores from Zara to Everlane to Reformation. You might be tempted, but we recommend passing up this trend because the chunky silhouette will make your legs look shorter and draw attention to your ankles in the worst kind of way. (Plus they look like the jelly sandals we wore when we were 5 years old.) Skip these in favor of a slimmer, more classic sandal.

4. See-Through Tops

See-through tops aren’t the move. Not only are many of them bought and sold by fast fashion sites like Shein from flimsy materials with poor construction that will fall apart, but they look cringe anyway. So when it comes to this trend, color us puzzled. 

5. Overly Baggy Cargo Pants

Cargo pants along with other baggy styles have been trending for a while now. And while we do think cargo pants can be cute, we’re saying goodbye to the super unflattering, overly baggy pairs. No matter what your body type is, oversized cargo pants will make you look frumpy and boyish because they completely get rid of your shape. I mean, if Hailey Bieber can't even rock them, who can?

6. Micro Mini Skirts

Ever since the Miu Miu show, the controversial micro mini skirt trend has been brought back to life. And suffice it to say, we’re out. Like, how can you sit in that comfortably?

7. Crocs

Crocs are being called one of the hottest shoes of the season, but let’s face it, whether they’re trendy or not, they will always be ugly. These are your dad’s favorite lounge shoes or shoes for little kids at a water park, but if you’re looking to make a fashionable choice, there are options just as comfortable and convenient that are a million times cuter. 

Closing Thoughts

Sometimes trends can be cute, fun additions to your wardrobe, but in this case, they’re anything but that. These seven trends are a combination of trashy, tacky, and unflattering that has us running as fast as we can in the opposite direction. Be sure to use our other style articles for inspiration on all the actually cute things to wear this summer instead!

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