Halle Bailey's Mermaid Cover For V Magazine Is Jaw Dropping And Fans Are Freaking Out

V Magazine really outdid themselves this time! Their stunning mermaid editorial featuring Halle Bailey is everything fans have been looking for.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Step aside, Disney. V Magazine just blew it out of the water (no pun intended) with their new and flashy mermaid editorial. The fashion publication recently announced their Summer 2023 Issue story, V142: Halle Bailey Makes a Splash, in light of the anticipated film, The Little Mermaid.

The dreamy, ethereal photo shoot displays singer Halle Bailey in a series of underwater-themed backgrounds in high-fashion couture. The images can be credited to Rob Rusling and set designer Nik Gundersen, who worked together to fuse AI technology with masterful photography. The outcome, needless to say, came out wonderfully – and fans can't contain their excitement (neither can we).

"HALLE BAILEY FOR V MAGAZINE IS LITERALLY THE MERMAID EDITORIAL IVE BEEN BEGGING FOR!!!!!" tweets @itgirlenergy. "I could f*cking CRY the fantasy, the editing, the couture... she's taking it!!!"

"I AM SO HAPPY WAS THAT SO HARD TO DO?!!!" asks @mihailo____.

"They finally gave us something good!!!!" says @Angebeast.

While others fear the use of AI can potentially hurt artists' careers in the future, Rusling believes there's beauty in embracing progress. "There has always been a link between art and progress," he says. "This has been manifested throughout art history, from early artists experimenting with different pigments to make brighter paints, through better, sharper tools making intricate sculptures possible, or even just the invention of photography."

He continues, "Post production for me is something which really forms a part of image making and it always has. You only have to look at the work of the early pictorials to see examples of photographers placing images on different backgrounds or bending their paper during exposures in the darkroom to make longer perspectives and alter the proportions of their models, etc."

"The only change is that these days, we’re doing these things at a desk on a screen. AI is yet another tool that gives us ways to create certain elements that have a different visual appearance from more traditional forms of set design, for example, but it’s still just a tool, and in no way a replacement to anything else," the photographer adds.

"It opens doors, but it also requires a delicate hand to make its use in image making interesting and relevant, rather than clumsy and basic. I think we’re at the start of this technology, and we’re all still finding its best uses for our own work. For me, though, I like to embrace challenge and experimentation, so I’m happy to play with new techniques and technologies to just see what they might give to my work. True experimentation in your work really helps keep things interesting."

Many have been let down by Disney's "lack of color" and subpar editing for its upcoming live-action remake, so it's exciting to finally see V Magazine do "mermaidcore" justice. Now let's hope other media groups take note.

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