28 Mermaidcore Essentials To Embrace Summer’s Most Trending Aesthetic

28 Mermaidcore Essentials To Embrace Summer’s Most Trending Aesthetic

By Madison May1 min read

Mermaidcore is this summer’s most popular aesthetic. Aided by the release of the live-action The Little Mermaid, the already popular aesthetic is set to take the fashion scene by storm in upcoming months. 

What exactly defines mermaidcore? Think oceanic shades of blue, green, and purple with shimmering silver and gold accents. The silhouettes are flowy and flared and come in soft, silky fabrics to mimic the texture of water itself, while accessories feature pearls and shells.

Almost every girl has experienced the appeal of mermaids – the enchantment of vibrant underwater worlds teeming with mystery and life. And now, you can embrace the concept of these mythical creatures through your wardrobe. 

Mermaidcore is a fun and gorgeous aesthetic to pull off this season. Here are 28 clothing items and accessories to shop to capture the mermaidcore aesthetic. 

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