Hailey Bieber Thanks Selena Gomez For Sticking Up For Her And Breaks Silence On How The Drama Has Been "Extremely Hard" For Her

On Friday morning, Selena Gomez urged her followers to stand down and stop harassing Hailey Bieber over an internet drama that has been blown out of proportion. Hailey followed up with a message of thanks to Selena and opened up about how the feud has affected her.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin in 2018 in a small courthouse ceremony and also held a large wedding celebration shortly after. Hailey quickly changed her last name to Bieber, and they have been seemingly happy ever since. But Justin's ex, Selena Gomez, has some of the most loyal, rabid fans on the planet, and they couldn't get over the fact that he never reconciled with Selena. Over the last year, much drama has ensued between Hailey and her fans and Selena and her camp. Fans claim that Hailey copies Selena in almost everything she does, from her press interviews to her music choices to the way she poses in pictures. More fuel was added to the fire when an old video resurfaced showing Hailey gagging at the mention of Taylor Swift's name, and Selena commented in defense of Taylor (only to quickly delete the comment shortly thereafter). Hailey sparked many rumors when she posted a now-deleted TikTok alongside Kendall Jenner and Justine Skye with the audio "I'm not saying she deserved it, but I'm saying God's timing is always right."

They were quickly labeled "mean girls" and criticized for throwing shade at Selena. Not long after, sources claimed that Justin slept with three of the Kardashian sisters, Halsey, and Sofia Richie—all after he was already romantically involved with Hailey. Things escalated quickly, and battle lines were drawn.

But on Friday morning, Selena decided to address the drama. "Hailey Bieber reached out to me and let me know that she has been receiving death threats and such hateful negativity," she wrote in her Instagram stories. "This isn't what I stand for. No one should have to experience hate or bullying. I've always advocated for kindness and really want this all to stop." A couple of hours later, Hailey chimed in and expressed gratitude to Selena.

Hailey Bieber Thanks Selena Gomez for Sticking up for Her

On Friday, Hailey posted a message in her Instagram Stories as a follow-up to Selena's brief note. "I want to thank Selena for speaking out, as her and I have been discussing the last few weeks how to move past this ongoing narrative between her and I," she wrote. "The last few weeks have been very hard for everyone involved and millions of people are seeing so much hate around this which is extremely harmful."

She didn't detail what kind of threats she has been receiving from fans, but a quick look at Hailey's Instagram page shows hundreds, if not thousands, of rude comments about her figure, fashion, and skincare company Rhode. Many Selena fans also have attacked Hailey and said that she has no talent and even her own husband doesn't want to stick up for her. Regardless of which side you're on, it's understandable that these kinds of insults could be both hurtful and unnecessary.

"While social is an incredible way to connect and build community, moments like this only create extreme division instead of bringing people together," she continued. "Things can always be taken out of context or construed differently than they were intended. We all need to be more thoughtful about what we post and what we say, including myself."

Hailey added that she believes "love will always be bigger than hate and negativity," and she hopes that people can act with "more empathy and compassion." Within minutes of this being released, she and Selena started following each other on Instagram.

Of course, for some Selena fans, this still isn't enough. There are many comments telling her that she isn't supported or liked by anyone, and that she is still obsessed with Selena.

Justin has still remained silent on the matter, but it seems like the girls are ready to move on and put everything behind them. Selena has gained more followers on Instagram throughout this whole process, leaving her with 403 million in total. Comments are overwhelmingly positive on her pictures, and fans praise her for the way she has handled everything. Hailey's Instagram, on the other hand, is still full of negative comments from fans who claim that she is just playing the victim and "dissing the queen" Selena. Even if Hailey and Selena are ready for this drama to be over, it seems like the fans would rather keep it going for a while.