Sources Say Justin Bieber Slept With 3 Kardashian Sisters And Halsey, And Some Hookups Happened After Hailey Bieber Was In The Picture

Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez have been seemingly caught up in some internet drama over the last couple weeks. But the plot has thickened after sources say Justin slept with three Kardashian sisters, Halsey, and probably more.

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Selena Gomez announced recently she was taking a break from social media because things were getting a "little silly." She didn't name any names, but people could only assume that it had something to do with Hailey Bieber, who had recently filmed a cryptic TikTok lip sync with Kendall Jenner to the audio, "I'm not saying she deserved it, but God's timing is always right." Hailey and Kylie Jenner were accused of being "mean girls" when they posted pictures of their eyebrows on their Instagram stories, shortly after Selena admitted she may have over-laminated her eyebrows. In another mini-drama, Selena was caught commenting on a TikTok of a resurfaced video showing Hailey gagging at the mention of Taylor Swift's name. Selena stuck up for her best friend, but not long after, she deleted the comment. In early March, it was announced that Justin was cancelling his "Justice" world tour amidst all the drama. But just when you thought the story couldn't get any juicier, the plot thickens.

Sources Say Justin Bieber Slept with 3 Kardashian Sisters and Halsey, and Some Hookups Happened After Hailey Bieber Was in the Picture

Deuxmoi is a popular social media brand that has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and a podcast that is dedicated to pop culture and entertainment news. There are a few people behind the moniker Deuxmoi, including Meggie Kempner and Brian Feldman, and they are always delivering celeb gossip and secrets that you likely won't hear anywhere else. The latest gossip is that Justin may be the source of all this drama. Someone reached out to one of the Deuxmoi creators and shared some details. Deuxmoi reminded all listeners that these statements "have not been independently confirmed." They're just sharing what they've heard so far.

"They were around when all this was happening," Deuxmoi says, referencing the source who reached out to them. "They say everything goes back to Justin with the Selena-Jenner-Bieber drama. I will say that this person who made the timeline did say that. If you look at the timeline and really break it down—Selena and Justin and Hailey's relationship—Justin was a dog. He made these girls crazy," she said.

This source said Justin slept with three Kardashian sisters: Kendall, Kylie, and Kourtney. And apparently, Justin's hookup with Kourtney happened after he was already involved with Hailey. Deuxmoi said she had heard all of this information before; this source simply confirmed it. There have been rumors in the past about Kourtney's involvement with Justin; they were seen getting cozy a few times and spotted dining together. Kourtney is 14 years Justin's senior. In 2015, there were some photos of Justin and Kendall that made people wonder if there was something going on between the two. And Kylie reportedly sent some racy photos to Justin while he was still in a relationship with Selena. Justin has often been referred to on reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" as a close friend of the family.

But that's not all Deuxmoi shared. Apparently, singer Halsey was involved with the drama too. There was apparently a "crazy feud" between Halsey and Hailey, and it was all because Justin allegedly hooked up with Halsey. "Justin went home with Halsey after an AMA party on Hailey's birthday," Deuxmoi said, per their source. Hailey's stylist, Maeve, was also styling Halsey but tried to keep it a secret. Hailey tried to stop Maeve from styling Halsey after she found out. "That's new information," Deuxmoi said.

This might explain that famous moment that people like to point to when Hailey was caught on camera asking someone to change the radio station because a Halsey song was playing. Halsey then mocked her in one of her Snapchats.

Justin allegedly told Hailey in 2015-2016 that they were just hooking up and it was nothing serious. During this period, Justin dated Sofia Riche, who had just turned 18, and Hailey "had a meltdown because Justin was posting Sofia," according to the source. It was also during this time period when Justin hooked up with Kourtney Kardashian and "a million other girls." Hailey would stalk Justin and just show up wherever he was.

Deuxmoi also shares some of the legitimate reasons that Selena doesn't like Hailey, the first being that Justin kept telling Selena that he was in love with her—even up to the day before he married Hailey in a quickie courthouse ceremony. He acted like he was devastated that he and Selena broke up, and that he would never get over her.

"This is not coming from a fan," Deuxmoi added. "This is someone who has heard all the information and is able to summarize according to that. This isn't a fan. This isn't coming from someone from Tumblr or Twitter."

Another reason is that Hailey never put a stop to Justin's "bullying and taunting" of Taylor Swift when Scooter Braun, his producer and friend, bought the rights to her music. Selena allegedly felt "horribly for Taylor and very much felt like if Hailey was a remotely decent human being she would have tried to exert some control" over Justin, who was her husband by then. This was around the time when Hailey was seen gagging at the mention of Taylor's name on TV.

Some people wonder if Hailey knew that Justin slept with the three Kardashian sisters, especially considering the fact that she still hangs out with Kylie and Kendall. Others wonder if Justin and Hailey will go the distance after seeing all of this gossip unfold. There's no way to know for sure whether it's all true, but Deuxmoi is known for sharing reliable celebrity news, and it's not so hard to believe when you look at previous social media posts.