Kylie Jenner And Hailey Bieber Lose Nearly One Million Followers On Instagram, Kylie Accused Of Buying Followers As Selena Gomez Gains More

Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber are losing an insane amount of followers on Instagram after their alleged "mean girl" behavior toward Selena Gomez. Meanwhile, the "Love You Like a Love Song" singer is up 9 million followers on the 'gram.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
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Kylie Jenner has lost about one million followers on Instagram, screenshots show. Kylie used to be the most-followed woman on the platform at 380 million. However, after being accused of shading Selena Gomez, Kylie now sits at 379 million – while the singer has 389 million followers. 

Last week, Kylie Jenner came under fire for purportedly shading Selena Gomez after the singer posted about "accidentally" laminating her "eyebrows too much." Shortly after Selena shared her eyebrows, Kylie posted a close-up on her IG Story with the caption, "this was an accident ?????" followed by a screenshot of her and Hailey's brows. The incident spurred endless content on both Kylie and Hailey's "mean girl" behavior all over TikTok and Twitter. However, Kylie denied the rumors that her posts were directed toward Selena. 

Kylie isn’t the only one to lose out on followers – Hailey Bieber has lost followers on Instagram and TikTok as well. According to an analytics website, over 700,000 people have unfollowed the Rhode Skin founder on Instagram. According to SocialBlade, another 200,000 said goodbye to Hailey on TikTok.

As for Selena? Well, she’s gained over 9 million in just one week, and now holds the title for the most-followed woman on Instagram! 

Last week, users speculated that Kylie started buying Instagram followers to prevent Selena from surpassing her. Fans noticed Kylie’s follower count suddenly spike one day, gaining 200,000 followers in a short span of time. But some TikTokers are convinced Kylie’s still purchasing bots to maintain her image – numerous videos have been uploaded to show new accounts with no profile pictures following her account. 

Then again, all we have is speculation. One thing is for sure, though – Kylie and Hailey will not likely beat the “mean girl” allegations anytime soon, as Selena continues championing her successful Rare Beauty products.

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