Feeling Trendcore Burnout? Block Out The Noise And Get Back To Your Signature Style In 5 Steps

If the growing number of style trends and aesthetics is starting to feel like a chore, you might have trendcore burnout. Adhering to a style that isn’t your own simply for the trend factor can leave you feeling uninspired and insecure.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Balletcore, tenniscore, mermaidcore, Barbiecore – these are just scratching the surface of the endless number of trends that have popped up this year. And while following the latest trends can be exciting at first, subscribing to so many different styles can cause you to abandon your personal style in the name of influence

As much as we love the creativity of each of these different trends, creating outfits for each one overstuffs our closet with things we don’t need or want, and empties our wallet without loving any of our purchases. You may already be hyper-aware of this fact, or simply feel exhausted by your clothes without a set reason. 

To break this habit, you need to get back to the basics of your signature style – which is easier said than done. We’ve created a go-to guide with only five easy steps to block out the noise and help you get back to looking like you! Let’s get started! 

Look at Your Best Photos 

We all have a couple of photos on our camera roll where we look our best. A quick overview of your saved photos (or your personal Instagram) will give you a pretty good idea of what pieces you look best in and which outfits inspire confidence. Looking back at photos of outfits is also a helpful reminder of how you felt in the outfit, not just how you looked. Was there an outfit you loved wearing? Did it make you feel pretty or confident? Was the silhouette flattering, or did the color complement your skin tone? Flag the photos that you remember enjoying wearing that outfit.

Define Your Style in Three Words

While social media is often an oversaturated stream of trends and aesthetics, there is also great style advice woven throughout endless photos and videos. One TikTok stylist (@allisonbornstein6) has determined that the solution to finding your personal style is found in the process of definition. The 3 Word Method is a great way to evaluate where your style is now and where you want it to be, as these discrepancies will tell you exactly what you need to know to get back to your signature style.  

Lucky for you, this process is fairly easy. Look at your current closet, the photos you loved, and your social media inspiration, and find three words (and only three!) to describe your style. These words can be anything from edgy to minimalist, neutral to eccentric, effortless to sporty, and more! Once you have these three words, your signature style has been discovered, and you can begin the exciting process of reflecting your style in your everyday outfits. 

Ask Friends and Family

Ask the people who know you the best for personal style advice! It helps to ask your friends and family for a range of comments – and don’t be afraid of brutally honest feedback that will help shape your personal style later. Simple questions such as “What do you think of when it comes to my personal style?” or “What style do you think of when you think of me?” can lead you in the right direction. Consider compliments you’ve been given by close friends and family, and note the outfits you were wearing when you received those compliments. Confidence (hint, hint) often attracts positive attention and compliments. When you look good, you feel good! 

Another idea to consider is what your friends and family ask you about in regards to style and clothing. People gravitate toward others who are well-versed in a particular style or hobby, so if the same brands and colors are a part of the conversation, they likely reflect your signature style as well. If you have people who regularly give you fashion items for birthdays and holidays, consider what those items say about your personal style and your close relationship with this person. They likely know you better than you know yourself! 

Unfollow or Mute Unhelpful Social Media Accounts

A general rule of thumb when it comes to social media usage: Don’t follow accounts that don’t bring you joy! The trendcore trap can be incredibly exhausting, so don’t add stress by scrolling social media looking for answers to your signature style. You can mute accounts from your feed without unfollowing them, which is helpful if you know the person or need to follow the account for another reason, or you can unfollow the accounts and find influencers who more closely align with your personal style. 

Social media also has a highly effective way of making you feel like you have to have the same stuff as everyone else. Shopping and gifting hauls from influencers often lead to buyer’s remorse later. Save your money and find pieces that reflect your own style instead! 

Create a Secret Style Pinterest Board

For an instant serotonin boost, get cozy and spend your evening on Pinterest! Create a secret board related to your dream style and then add photos to it, careful not to follow one aesthetic or trend. The great part about Pinterest is that your pins are geared toward your interests, not the most popular trends, so you might uncover cool pictures that you wouldn't have found on IG. 

What pieces pop up the most? What colors or patterns inspire you? Is there an emphasis on accessories? Find pins that make you happy, and then decide what you love best about them. Take notes on the “trends” you find in your own Pinterest search, as these pins can help you define your signature style in no time. Just be careful to distinguish between outfits you find beautiful but actually wouldn’t wear personally and those you would. Once you’ve established the style you like, then you can create the style you love with your own closet. 

Closing Thoughts

Finding your signature style doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these tips to find your best-dressed, most confident self!  

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