Ditching Dating Apps? How To Find A Genuine Connection Without Them

The consensus is in – dating apps suck. But with many women using them as their main means of dating, how can you find someone of interest without using the apps?

By Alyssa Rinelli3 min read
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In a world saturated with dating apps, it's no surprise people are growing tired of the endless swiping and shallow connections. There are alternative ways to meet someone special that don’t involve relying on algorithms and fabricated profiles. Plus, they grant an opportunity to meet someone with shared passions and views – and isn’t that the best way to start off a relationship? 

From joining social clubs to embracing real-life interactions, here are some refreshing ideas on how to break free from the app-driven dating scene and find genuine connections. 

Become a Regular Somewhere

Familiarity plays a role in attraction. Frequenting a particular coffee shop, gym, or bar can help you become a recognizable face in the community. Shop around for a place set up to encourage conversations and where the people match your vibe. Then, commit to going there consistently. By getting to know the staff and other regulars, you increase the chances of striking up conversations and potentially meeting someone who shares your interests and love for the same place.

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Volunteer at a Cause Close to Your Heart 

Devoting your time to a cause meaningful to you not only makes a positive impact on the community but also brings you into contact with individuals who share your values and compassion. Whether it's volunteering at a local animal shelter, organizing charity events, or participating in community projects, the shared sense of purpose can foster connections on a deeper level. Not sure where to start? Reach out to a local organization or your church to see if they have any opportunities, or check out websites like VolunteerMatch.

Try a Recreational Sports League

Playing a team sport is in itself a social thing to do. Don’t feel athletic enough or have never played the sport? Adult recreational league sports are for fun and are usually an excuse to meet up with friends once a week and grab drinks after. There are leagues for every level, from fun to competition. Ask work colleagues or friends if they have a team you can join. Sometimes, you can sign up as an individual and get paired up with a team that needs an extra player. Don’t feel like you can’t commit to playing every week? Sign up to be a fill-in when teams are short players. Playing in a league is a great way to have fun, get some exercise, and potentially meet your special someone. 

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Go on Solo Outings

Going out alone may not seem conducive to meeting someone, but engaging in activities on your own not only allows you to enjoy your own company, but it also makes you more approachable to others. Visit a museum, explore a new neighborhood, or take yourself out to dinner. Do something that you want to do in your city. You never know who you might meet while exploring alone.

Go to Events

Cities have no shortage of events and speakers to attend. This is especially true if you live close to a college where departments consistently bring in interesting speakers and host workshops. So, find one that sounds interesting and make an attempt to go (yes, even if it's alone). Websites such as Eventbrite, Facebook Events, and Meetup show local events in your area and are a great place to start. Plus, a lot of local events are free. Why not learn something while opening yourself up to meeting someone?

You can also keep an eye out for social events in your community, such as festivals, art exhibits, or live performances. These events often attract a diverse crowd and create an ambiance conducive to meeting new people. Strike up conversations, be open to new experiences, and let the setting guide you toward a potential connection.

Join a Group

Joining a group or club offers a fantastic opportunity to meet individuals with similar interests. Whether you're into running, dancing, or beer brewing, there's likely a local group dedicated to your passion. By engaging in these group activities, you'll not only enhance your skills but increase your chances of forming genuine connections with someone who shares the same interests. 

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Expand Your Social Circle 

Networking and socializing with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can introduce you to potential partners. Attend parties, gatherings, and events where you can meet new people and strike up conversations. Mutual connections often provide a solid foundation for building lasting relationships. 

Let Your Friends Set You Up

Don't hesitate to let your friends and family know you're looking to meet someone special. They might have someone in mind who could be a great match for you. Plus, one of the best ways to meet someone is through a trusted friend. Blind dates arranged by friends can sometimes lead to surprisingly wonderful connections. 

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Stick Around after Church

One of the most important things to align on is religious beliefs. What better way to knock that out than to meet people who attend the same church as you? It’s tempting to run out when service ends but go to the social area where folks gather post-service. Yes, it may feel awkward, but you never know who else hangs around. If you pick up an after-service sheet or give your church a follow on social media, chances are they host community events that are a great place to meet people as well.

Closing Thoughts 

Dating apps may be a popular choice, but they're not the only avenue for finding a genuine connection. Engaging in activities aligned with your passions and community are powerful ways to meet someone special. So, break free from the virtual confines, reclaim the excitement of real-life interactions, and embark on a journey where meaningful connections are waiting to be discovered. 

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