These Are The Best Places To Meet A Guy, Statistically Speaking

Turns out, there’s somewhat of a science to meeting the right guy. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage.

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
shutterstock These Are The Best Places To Meet A Guy, Statistically Speaking

It sometimes feels impossible to meet a guy, doesn’t it? Or, at least, a really good guy. It’s easy enough to find a guy at a bar who’s itching to take a girl home after buying her a drink or two; it’s simple to download a dating app and agree to meet up with the very first guy who offers us a hit of attention; it’s not difficult to hop on social media and reply to the latest guy to slide into our DMs.

But to meet a worthwhile, moral, good guy? It takes a little more time and effort. While with practically everything else today we can order exactly what we want or need to our doorstep with a few clicks and swipes on our phone, it turns out that finding Mr. Right doesn’t quite work the same way.

So if we can’t mail-order a guy, where do we go to find him? Here’s what the statistics say.

Don’t Totally Rule Out Apps, But Don’t Rely on Them Solely Either

We’ve all heard those dating app success stories, seen the couples who will forever be proponents of downloading an app and swiping right until they find their person because it worked out for them. With countless singles flocking to the likes of Bumble and Tinder every year in the hopes of striking gold, it’s safe to say that for some, dating apps can be successful. According to one study, a little over half of people who use apps have a “good experience.”

But at the same time, it’s an unfortunate reality that dating apps don’t have all the answers, and can sometimes even pressure us to lower our standards, or feel worse about ourselves than we did before. While online dating might work for some, it’s not in our best interest to totally rely on apps.

Meeting Them Through Work Is Pretty Common

It’s common to think of work as totally separate from our real life – as the place we drag ourselves to in order to pay our bills, but also to count down the hours until we can leave. But it turns out, the workplace is a pretty common place to meet a significant other.

According to one survey, 16% of people met their spouse at work.

According to one survey, 16% of people met their spouse at work. And that only makes sense, considering that’s where we spend the majority of our weekly hours, and are bound to feel a certain kinship with those whose work ethic and life line up with ours. So while we’re taught to steer clear of office romances, our workplace is proven to be a great setting for romance to bud.

But You Might Meet Them Doing Something You Love

The hobbies and other ways we choose to spend our free time aren’t just random things we happen to enjoy. Whether we love to cook, read, work out, go to concerts, or go to church, it speaks on a deeper level about our values, ideals, and vision for what a life well-spent looks like.

If we invest time in doing something we love, we’re bound to come across a guy whose ideals and purpose blend harmoniously with ours, someone who not only shares an appreciation for the things we care about, but equal enthusiasm and devotion. This way, he’s more than a guy we’re attracted to or like watching movies with, but one we can do life with.

What’s the Most Common Way? Through a Friend

It turns out, our friends just might prove to be more useful to us than we ever thought. Sure, they’re the ones we catch movies with, get brunch with, and rant to about our latest drama, but evidently, they’re also pretty good at matchmaking.

Assuming we like our friends, it’s not crazy to think they’d associate with other people we’d like.

In fact, the most typical way couples meet is through mutual friends. A whopping 39% of people in one survey had met their significant other this way. And it makes sense, too. Assuming we like our friends, it’s not crazy to think they’d associate with other people we’d like. And this way, we won’t even have to worry about if our friends will like our new guy.

Closing Thoughts

So the secret to meeting a guy is… (drum roll) to not wait around for him and twiddle our thumbs. Instead, living a full life, cultivating meaningful friendships, pursuing things we love, and investing in ourselves are bound to bring the right guy into the picture eventually.

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