Did Hailey Steal Justin From Selena?—5 Things We Learned About Hailey Bieber From Her ‘Call Her Daddy’ Confessions

Hailey Bieber got candid about Selena Gomez and her relationship with Justin Bieber on the most recent "Call Her Daddy" episode. Here are the five things we learned from her surprising confessions.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read
Hailey and Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber appeared on Alexandra Cooper’s Call Her Daddy to talk about her marriage with Justin, the situation with Selena Gomez, and her experience with cyberbullying. The hour-long interview shows Hailey’s humanness and her authentic side, proving that she’s more multi-faceted than most people believe. Despite this, Hailey has faced harassment from users on the internet, which she grew to become "desensitized" to over time.

Alexandra brought Hailey on the podcast to show the audience just how “normal” Hailey really is, and we have to say that she did a good job in achieving that. Here are some of the five things Hailey Bieber wanted to share with the world to show that she's more than just a pretty face!

She’s a People Pleaser and Needed Therapy

Hailey Bieber had to have intensive therapy to improve her mental health. Even though she's often plastered on magazines and screens, Hailey may not be as confident as she seems. Apparently, the model has never really been the type to discuss her needs and has always tip-toed around people in order to avoid conflict. “I’ve never enjoyed confrontation,” the model said. Hailey believes she gets her meek and non-confrontational side from her mom, Kennya, who has apparently always struggled with sticking up for herself. 

No, She Didn’t Take Justin from Selena

Disney star Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s romance started back in 2010 when they were both still in their teens. The iconic couple was nicknamed “Jelena” back then, and their love life attracted a fandom that was absolutely obsessed with their relationship. Their publicized romance lasted for a total of eight years until they finally called it quits in the summer of 2018, the same year Justin and Hailey announced their engagement. By November, Bieber had already announced Hailey as his wife on an Instagram post.

Could their abrupt engagement and marriage be the reason why Jelena fans have such a hard time moving on? Some individuals believe Hailey actually "stole" Justin from Selena, and the toxic fanbase has attacked her for it, even coming up with insane theories on how Justin dislikes her. In the recent Call Her Daddy episode, Alexandra asks Hailey: “Were you ever with Justin romantically at the same time as her [Selena]?” Hailey eagerly responds with, “No. Not one time.” 

According to Hailey, the "Baby" singer was never in a relationship when they started dating. “It’s not my character to mess with someone’s relationship,” she explains. “I would just never do that. I was raised better than that.” 

She Wasn’t Crying on the Red Carpet with Justin Bieber

In 2021, the married couple appeared at the Met Gala, and fans started shouting “Selena” in the background. Hailey put down her sunglasses as Justin examined her face closely, shaking his head. Several reports came out that Hailey appeared to be crying while Justin tried to console her. The Rhode founder explains that that is not what happened at all. “I felt like I had something in my eye,” she said. Apparently, Justin was just trying to confirm if she did have something in her eye, and he told her there wasn’t. And even though Jelena fans were incredibly disrespectful at the Met Gala, Hailey says it wasn’t anything new and that it hardly affected her. “Another day, another negative slay,” she quipped.

She’s Spoken with Selena after She and Justin Tied the Knot

People have been wondering if Selena and Hailey talked after she got married to Justin. The answer is, yes, they have! Believe it or not, Hailey described her acquaintance with the Wizards of Waverly Place star as “all respect” and “all love.” She says if everyone on her side can walk away from the situation with clarity and respect, then everyone else should be able to as well. Hailey added that knowing she and Selena “are good” has brought her a lot of peace, but that not everyone is going to believe that. “It is what it is, you’re not gonna be able to correct every narrative, and there’s gonna be new ones that come,” she said. 

Hailey Bieber’s Last Message to Her Cyberbullies

The incessant bullying toward Hailey put her in a “really dark place” and caused her to have internal struggles about herself. Still, she was incredibly nice when it came to addressing Jelena fans. “You don’t have to like me, but you don’t have to say anything either,” Hailey said. “Because behind this person that you’re looking at on a screen is a person with a brain, and a heart, and emotions, and issues that I face. Know that what you say can have [an] impact.” Alexandra was impressed with Bieber’s humility. “My god, I think I would have been a little bit nastier,” she joked.

Closing Thoughts 

Hailey has dealt with cyberbullying for years. Users online have called her ugly, a “homewrecker,” and other names, which has resulted in her desire to stay away from social media. It’s easy to forget that not all celebrities are how we perceive them to be and that all we see is the drama-ridden side of the internet that doesn’t really reflect who they truly are as a person.

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