Hailey Bieber Clearly Asks Trolls To "Leave Me Alone" After A Viral TikTok Predicts Her Breakup With Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber married Justin Bieber in a lavish ceremony in September 2018. Since then, the couple has been inseparable, but that doesn't mean it's exactly been an easy road.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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Because Justin Bieber's relationship with Selena Gomez was so public (as was their breakup), there were many Beliebers who still wanted to see Justin and Selena end up together. So even though Hailey and Justin have been married for nearly four years, there are still some trolls out there who comment on her social media posts and compare her to Selena. A recent viral TikTok in particular was the final straw for Hailey to speak out and tell the trolls to back off once and for all.

Hailey Bieber Posted a TikTok Asking People To "Leave Me Alone"

The caption of her TikTok read, "This is for you guys in my comments every single time I post." The video is short and sweet, and Hailey is lying on her stomach in bed with her glasses on.

"Leave me alone at this point," she said. "I'm minding my business. I don't do anything, I don't say anything. Leave me alone, please. Enough time has gone by where it's valid to leave me alone. I beg of you. Truly. That's my only request. Be miserable somewhere else, please."

Hailey didn't make it clear who or what she is referring to, but people speculate that this is in response to a viral TikTok from a user named @theblonderebel who predicted that Hailey and Justin were on the brink of divorce. The Blonde Rebel Tarot believes that this month will reveal that Hailey and Justin have been on the rocks and that there is "trouble in paradise."

Some people are speculating, though, that Hailey's TikTok is actually in response to people comparing her to Selena and wishing that Selena had married Justin instead. Whatever the case may be, it's clear that Hailey is fed up with the rude comments and she wishes for everyone to simply mind their own business.