Barbie Girl, Meet Barbie World: How To Ride the Barbie Fashion Wave

The “Barbie” movie is dropping July 2023, bringing with it a revival of Barbie fashion. Embrace your inner Margot Robbie by incorporating pink, retro styles, and sporty touches in your wardrobe this spring and summer.

By Alina Clough2 min read
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Margot Robbie has always been an icon, but her upcoming Barbie feature is bringing it to a new level. Barbiecore fashion is about to be everywhere this summer thanks to the Barbie movie, dropping in late July.

Barbie fashion is a fun way to incorporate bright colors and retro styles into your summer closet, channeling your inner Margot for looks that are feminine, bold, and fun. If you’re looking to cheer on the Barbie release with your whole wardrobe, consider these tips:

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Think Pink

There’s nothing that says “Barbie” more than her iconic embrace of the girliest color: pink. Barbiecore fashion isn’t afraid of bold and bright pinks, either. Try a pink mini dress with feminine flair like ruffles and other accents, go head-to-toe pink with a matching set, or incorporate a more subtle touch like a pink blazer or cover-up.

Nasty Gal Stretch Satin Bardot Corset Mini Dress, $53

Stretch Satin Bardot Corset Mini Dress

Nasty Gal Sequin Tailored Bandeau Mini Dress, $45

Sequin Tailored Bandeau Mini Dress

SNDYS Leo Shirt, $68

SNDYS Leo Shirt

Showpo Sharmiel Plunge Neck Oversized Longline Blazer, $90

Showpo Sharmiel Plunge Neck Oversized Longline Blazer

Sanctuary Kora Blazer Sanctuary, $189

Sanctuary Kora Blazer Sanctuary

Get Retro

Part of the beauty of Barbie is her versatility across decades. She truly ties together generations, and doesn’t shy away from digging up old trends and making them feel intentional. ‘80s trends like neon and windbreaker jackets, as well as ‘70s trends like colorful flare pants, are all in rotation in the true Barbie girl’s wardrobe.

Lovers and Friends Liv Jumpsuit, $170

lovers and friends liv jumpsuit

Urban Renewal Vintage Colorblock Windbreaker Jacket, $69

Urban Renewal Vintage Colorblock Windbreaker Jacket

Nookie Illusion Pant, $189

nookie illusion pant

Frankies Bikinis Jane Terry Romper, $47

Frankies Bikinis Jane Terry Romper

Get Sporty

Whether it’s tennis Barbie, skier Barbie, or basketball Barbie, the girl has a lot of hobbies. Channel the sporty style into your looks with things like visors, tennis skirts, and golf-inspired collared shirts. 

Doll University Crewneck Sweatshirt, $23

Doll University Crewneck Sweatshirt

WeWoreWhat V Neck Polo Tank, $108

WeWoreWhat V Neck Polo Tank

Princess Polly Tahls Mini Skirt, $52

Princess Polly Tahls Mini Skirt

Alala Rally Skort, $115

Alala Rally Skort

Athleta Girl Fun in the Sun Visor, $20

Athleta Girl Fun in the Sun Visor

Beach Riot x Revolve Hologram Shine Legging, $88

Beach Riot x Revolve Hologram Shine Legging

Scrunch it Up

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s that she had so many iconic ‘80s outfits, but the Barbie ponytail is an icon of the genre. Add a scrunchie to yours for a distinctly Barbie chic hairstyle.

Kitsch Dinner Scrunchie Blush, $9

Kitsch Dinner Scrunchie Blush

American Tall Bubblegum Pink Scrunchie, $5

American Tall Bubblegum Pink Scrunchie

FP Movement Sports Puffer Scrunchie, $8

FP Movement Sports Puffer Scrunchie

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re headed out on a date with Ken or going to brunch with the other Barbie girls, riding the Barbie fashion wave will have you feeling like Malibu isn’t so far away.

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