Ryan Gosling Reveals That Ken In 'Barbie' Has "No Money, No Job, No Car, No House"

Everyone has been talking about the upcoming movie "Barbie" that will be released in 2023. Greta Gerwig is directing it, and Margot Robbie is both a producer and the star. But there's still a lot of mystery about this film and speculation on what it will be like.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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We've seen some glimpses of Barbie, but they're nothing more than stills and pictures of the actors on set. As you can imagine, the photos we've seen so far are a pink explosion, and it's safe to say that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling make the perfect Barbie and Ken duo. We've felt like we've been left in the dark regarding the plotline recently, but don't worry—Ryan just gave us a few hints as to what we can expect from the anticipated 2023 film. The details might surprise you.

Ryan Gosling Reveals That Ken in Barbie Has "No Money, No Job, No Car, No House"

Ryan sat down with Entertainment Tonight and expressed his excitement about the upcoming Barbie film. "I can't wait for people to see the film," he gushed. "That's all I can say, otherwise Mattel will come in and box me up."

He also talked about his upcoming action movie The Gray Man on Netflix. While that movie is all about espionage and thrills, he still thinks that his character of Ken has a tougher life than the role he plays in the forthcoming Netflix film.

“That Ken life is even harder than the ‘Gray Man’ life, I think,” Ryan said. “Ken’s got no money, he’s got no job, he’s got no car, he’s got no house. He’s going through some stuff.”

Not exactly what you would expect! And Ryan knows you're thinking it. “It’s not what you think it is, unless it is,” he hinted. “And then you know what it is, but I don’t think that’s what you think it is. Wait, what are we talking about?”

He said he can't really say more than that or else he'll be in trouble. While we're happy to hear some details about the film, these hints almost made it harder for us to wait to see the full movie.