Yoga Pants? Flared Leggings? Whatever The Term, Here’s How To Style Them

The chokehold that skinny jeans had on a generation of women is slowly loosening. Straight legs and boot cuts have been strutting their way back to the mainstream, letting ankles everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. Now, wider cuts are crossing the border from jeans to leggings, bringing our athleisure a healthy dose of flare.

By Alina Clough2 min read
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Since leggings began, gym girlies and athleisure enthusiasts have seen endless variations, from pockets to leather to the scrunch butt styles that some complain are too hot for gym bros to handle. Still, leggings haven't broken the form-fitting mold since ‘90s styles tapered off, meaning their variations have all shared a pretty consistent silhouette. The Y2K revival is welcoming back a wider range of cuts, even if there’s a significant identity crisis controversy over what to call them. 

It’s clear the generational divide is real. But whether you’re team yoga pants or team flared leggings, here’s how to welcome them back to the scene in style:

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Get Cozy with a Sweater

The best part about flared leggings is that you don’t have to look like you’re going to the gym. Pair them with a cute sweater and a bag for a look that can go to lunch, brunch, or a casual coffee date.

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Add a Simple Sweatshirt 

Since flared leggings are wider on both the top and bottom, they turn your legs into an hourglass. This effect tapers your knee to make your legs look skinny while still accentuating your curves, meaning you don’t have to worry about pairing them with bulky pieces on top. A simple sweatshirt can be the perfect fit, since the flares are already doing the leg work of making you look feminine and polished.

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Pair with a Puffer

Similar to the effect of a baggy sweatshirt, the broad silhouette of a puffer vest or jacket makes an ideal pairing on top of flared leggings. Consider a cropped puffer vest to help lengthen the look of your bottom half. 

For Your Closet: Short Sherpa-Paneled Puffer Jacket, $70

Get Funky with Colors and Patterns

Stay comfy but leave your comfort zone by ditching the plain black look. There’s no reason to stick to plain old black. Earthy near-neutrals and statement patterns can both add some intrigue to an otherwise basic closet staple.

For Your Closet: Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant, $118

Matchy Matchy

Matching sets have always been a staple, and flared leggings are no exception. Give your flared legging a built-in bestie and take advantage of color blocking with a monochrome look.


Slice and Dice with Slits

Flares have one advantage that leggings never could: slits. Slits offer extra swish in your step by giving your flares a bit more movement and your look a touch more edge.

For Your Closet: Elation Split Flare Pant, $109 

Get Bold for the Cold

There’s no winter to spring transition quite like a statement jacket. Make your flared legging outfit stand out with a trench coat, shacket, or colored cover up.


For Your Closet: UO Milani Faux Leather Patchwork Coat, $129

Needless to say, the yoga pants/flared leggings revival is a welcome trend in our book. Which look will you embrace this season?

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