The Best Faux Leather Leggings You Need For Fall

Faux leather leggings are the fall staple you never knew you needed. And we have all the best options.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
shutterstock The Best Faux Leather Leggings You Need For Fall

Sweaters, boots, and jeans may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fall fashion. But I’m here to tell you that you’re totally missing out when it comes to faux leather leggings. They might sound a little scary or like they would be hard to style, but I promise you that isn’t the case. They’re a super fun way to change up your look without much extra effort, in a basic silhouette that’s easy to style, and all without ever putting on jeans. (For my ladies who hate pants, we have all the outfit ideas you need for fall and winter right here).

You can easily dress up faux leather leggings with a heeled boot and a beautiful coat. Suddenly your leggings are transformed into a much more elevated outfit with zero comfort sacrificed on your part. 

Or for a French girl style effect, try them with the perfect pair of loafers and a trench coat. Yes, you will feel ultra chic all day long. There’s nothing quite like French style.

But just as easily as you can dress the outfit up, you can dress it back down again with some flat boots and a big chunky sweater. How easy is that? The faux leather makes it a stand-out fall outfit. 

And hey, I know we’re not quite there yet, but these faux leather leggings can take you right into your winter outfits without missing a beat. You just need a heavier jacket over your fall sweaters and you’ve got a whole new outfit. (Told you these faux leather leggings were the style staple you never knew you needed.)

And for the days when it just isn’t that cold, you can easily pair them with a t-shirt and a light cardigan. Oh the possibilities!

You’ve likely seen super chic outfits with leather pants before. 

To help you stock up on this fall and winter style staple, I rounded up some of the best options for faux leather leggings on the market. Let’s get to it!

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

These faux leather leggings from SPANX get consistently amazing reviews, and many women consider these their holy grail. And one of the best parts about these leggings, in particular, is that they’re designed to also be shapewear, so they’re going to help your legs look their best all while you just look like you’re wearing leggings.

Buy Now - $98

Commando Faux Leather Leggings

If you want to add a bit of an edge to typical leggings, these faux leather leggings from Commando are going to do the trick. They’re also designed to act as shapewear just like the SPANX leggings, which is a bonus, but these don’t have a visible horizontal seam at the waist.

Buy Now - $98

Good American Good Legs Coated Jeggings

These are the most like pants in the bunch because technically they aren’t leggings. But jeggings are close enough, right? What I love about these is that they look the most like true leather pants, so you can get away with things that might be harder in actual leggings, like wearing heels. So if you want to really dress up your faux leather leggings, I’d suggest the jegging version instead.

Buy Now - $169

Good American Leather-Like Core Power Leggings

For a faux leather legging with a much more athletic style, go for the leather-like core power leggings from Good American. These are perfect for the gym, or if you just like the athleisure look but want to elevate it with the leather-like sheen. 

Buy Now - $99

J. Crew Collection Leather Legging

These J. Crew leather leggings are nice because, depending on your office dress code, they might be workwear appropriate. But because they use real leather and blend in a bit of elastane to make them more comfortable, they’re also an investment piece.

Buy Now - $495

Banana Republic High-Rise Vegan Leather Legging

What woman doesn’t love high-rise leggings? These high-rise vegan leather leggings from Banana Republic are sure to become your new favorites. 

Buy Now - $79.99

Closing Thoughts

Faux leather leggings are going to be your new best friend. They’re really not that hard to style, are super comfortable, and will make you look extra fashionable. 

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