Baby Tragically Dies After Doctors Ignore Parents' Request For Unvaccinated Blood, Develops A Blood Clot Within Hours Of His Transfusion

The doctors at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center went against a couple's wishes and gave their infant son blood from a general blood bank. Tragically, the baby developed a fatal blood clot following the transfusion.

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Ron Bly

This article was updated on 12/23/2022.

Alexander was born on January 3, 2022 in Walla Walla, Washington. Baby Alex was born with a throat condition which was accompanied by a cardiac defect. He was born with double outlet right ventricle (DORV), in which oxygenated and deoxygenated blood are mixed. The condition is a "95% survivable congenital heart defect," but Alex needed to undergo tracheoesophageal fistula surgery first. Despite this, Alex's parents, Ron Bly and Cornelia Hertzler, remained hopeful.

Ron’s friend Glory Corbett – who had become a mother figure to him – underwent a heart attack three days after receiving her Moderna shot and barely survived, despite him warning her numerous times that it was dangerous. Ron tells us that his amazing and loving friend received the shot in order to accompany her husband in his travels to Scotland, where his family resides. Meanwhile, Ron had always been cautious of what goes into his body and wanted his loved ones to do the same.

While Glory was in her sixties, she was incredibly healthy, grew her own food, and had no underlying medical issues. She tragically passed away 8 months after her jab in April 2022. Ron and his wife, who were very aware of the dangers of the vaccine, wanted to make sure that their newborn was protected by receiving transfusions from unvaccinated individuals. 

The young couple had voiced their concerns to the healthcare professionals at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington prior to their son’s surgery. “We made it clear to the hospital that we did not want any blood transfusions from the blood bank because we were worried about blood from vaccinated donors causing blood clots,” Cornelia said. “We asked what we had to do to get direct donor blood from friends we could trust. They told us [that] what we wanted was practically impossible and would be very expensive.”

Though the doctors continued to gaslight the married couple about direct blood donations, they persisted, demanding to use only unvaccinated blood that baby Alex may need in the future. The hospital practically ignored the couple when they asked for the forms required to receive blood donations. Even Dr. Beadle, the dayshift doctor in the primary neonatal unit, had implied to Ron that they were impeding in hospital treatments, thus "endangering" their child's welfare.

Dr. Beadle never took the couple seriously. Cornelia had to go to a night shift doctor to receive the proper paperwork that was needed to receive unvaccinated blood. It was painless and easy; a complete contrast to how the doctors described the process. “Turns out, the entire process was relatively easy and inexpensive,” Cornelia had told Louisa Clary of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. “We have no idea why the doctors lied to us for over a week, telling us we could not afford to get directed donor blood.”

Fortunately, that night shift doctor also signed off on it for the pair to take it to Vitalant, the local blood bank. Ron told Evie this occurred the day before the hospital called them into the conference room to suggest an emergency surgery on Baby Alex. The team of doctors held the meeting on proceeding with Alex's throat surgery, since Ron refused to sign papers that would authorize the hospital to use their own blood supply.

Alex underwent the fistula surgery on January 24. Fortunately, his parents were notified that the procedure went very well and that he was not in need of a blood transfusion. The following morning, after having dropped off his wife at the hospital, Ron received a call from Cornelia that they were going to lose their baby – she'd found out that Dr. Beadle performed a blood transfusion on Alex without their consent. He developed a blood clot shortly after.

"It was just the doctor's discretion.... [She] decided that his hemoglobin levels were slightly low and they were going to give him vaccinated blood instead of waiting a few more days for the blood we had donated to be fully processed and available," Ron explained.

One week after Dr. Beadle went against the couple's requests, the staff attempted to perform another blood transfusion on Alex. Ron asked them if the blood was from the donated blood they received (which took days to process). According to the hospital, it was not. "A few days before he died, they claimed they could not find the directed donor blood and were going to give him another transfusion straight from the blood bank," Cornelia told Margaret Anna Alice. "This is the situation Ron was referring to. We insisted they find the blood, and it magically appeared after we made a fuss."

As Alex's conditioned worsened, he needed more transfusions, and he did end up receiving donated blood eventually. "We did obtain directed donor blood a few days later. The process was inexpensive. As Alexander continued to weaken, he needed more and more blood transfusions. They did give him the directed donor blood as required."

It's important to note that 70% of Washington's population had received the Covid-19 vaccine at this point, meaning Alex had a 70% chance of receiving vaccinated blood. So while there is no evidence that the transfusion the infant received was vaccinated blood, Alex’s blood clot seemed to proof that it was. This surprised Cornelia, who had been told by doctors that “blood clots” were “rare.” Now, they were telling her that it was something “a blood thinner can fix.” 

"It did nothing," Cornelia added. "[The blood clot] just kept growing really fast." The mom believed that if the blood clot had been "normal" – one that had not been caused by vaccinated blood – then the thinners may have helped to dissolve it. She added that "given our understanding" of the current findings of abnormal blood clots in those who were deceased and vaccinated, they "know it's not a normal blood clot." 

Alex's blood clot continued to grow, and it eventually stretched from his left knee to his heart, one that no amount of medication could shrink or remove. Baby Alex was taken off life support on February 17, 2022 – 24 days after the wrongful transfusion – and was buried in Walla Walla, Washington. "He was definitely a fighter. He continued to breathe for four hours after we pulled life support," Cornelia recalled. "The hospital team had said he would die in five minutes. But he was determined and kept fighting for every single breath."

Ron later explained that his wife contacted Sacred Heart Children's, but that the hospital claimed they could find no records of their son. “I got an email from the records department saying that no record of him could be found. We strongly suspect that our records were deleted,” Ron wrote on his fundraising page.

LifeSiteNews contacted the hospital for further confirmation, to which a hospital staff told them: “I have no information regarding that, and this conversation is terminated.” 

Closing Thoughts 

If you would like to assist Ron Bly and Cornelia Hertzler with their efforts in taking this issue to court and finding a legal team, please visit their GiveSendGo page here.