Top British Cardiologist Calls For A Global Halt To Covid Jabs In New Documentary

Dr. Aseem Malhotra is a double-jabbed British cardiologist. When the jabs were initially rolled out, he was one of many doctors invited on British television to combat vaccine hesitancy. Since then, he has followed a trail of increasing heart problems, as well as many other vaccine-related injuries.

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After spending several months critically appraising the data, speaking to eminent scientists, investigative journalists, and two Pfizer whistleblowers, Dr. Malhotra has concluded this vaccine has “unprecedented harms” and must “be suspended until all the raw data has been released for independent analysis.”

The new documentary, Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion, was released on YouTube on September 28 by Oracle Films. It shares the heartbreaking stories of people suffering debilitating, life-changing, and devastating side effects of the Covid vaccines while also revealing corruption within the UK’s medicine regulatory body, the MHRA.

It also highlights the UK government’s shameful abandonment of responsibility to the victims who did as they were told, got their jabs, and are now left disabled as a result. These victims have struggled to gain compensation, with many unable to receive the vital healthcare they need from the NHS (the National Health Service). 

And all for what? A vaccine with an absolute risk reduction of 0.84% that barely reduces the risk of transmission.

Covid Vaccinations Bring a Greater Risk of Suffering a Serious Adverse Event

As one of the UK’s top cardiologists, Dr. Malhotra was one of the first people in the UK to be jabbed and publicly called vaccine hesitancy “anti-vax propaganda” on British television. His U-turn on the safety and efficacy of mRNA-specific vaccines began after his 73-year-old father suffered a sudden cardiac arrest last July. As an expert in this field, it didn’t make sense. 

He couldn’t explain why his fit and healthy father, who walked 15,000 steps a day during the nationwide lockdowns and who had no family history of heart disease, could suffer such a fatality. Following a post-mortem, he was shocked to find his father had “two severe narrowings in his arteries.” Dr. Malhotra concurs that “sometimes these things happen,” but it still didn’t make sense. As further data emerged, it became more and more apparent to Dr. Malhotra that these vaccinations “increase coronary inflammation.”

These vaccinations could be ‘the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime.’

Since then, he has conducted a study based on mRNA-specific vaccines in the Journal of Insulin Resistance. His recently published, nine-month, peer-reviewed study has been praised by leading scientists and doctors and suggests there’s a greater risk of suffering a serious adverse event following vaccination rather than Covid itself. 

In an interview with journalist Dan Wootton, Dr. Malhotra claims these vaccinations could be “the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime,” and that he simply “doesn’t buy” the disease Covid causing heart problems as we are currently being told.

Stories of Victims Ignored by the British Government

Thousands of victims’ lives have been forever changed following their Covid vaccinations. To make matters worse, the British government has turned a blind eye, refusing to acknowledge the damage they’ve inflicted on their people after claiming the jab was “safe and effective.” Normally, we’d expect journalists to bring these stories to light, force the government to acknowledge what they’ve done, and deliver the compensation these people deserve. However, throughout the documentary, the victims relay their experiences of trying to have their stories heard by mainstream media, the NHS, and the government but failing. 

Dr. Malhotra argues that the methodology used to approve the vaccinations was flawed. 

One of the victims featured in the documentary is 22-year-old Maxwell Harrison, who suffered heart disease after his second jab. He relays how he thought he was going to die due to how much pain his heart was in. At Christmas last year, he was diagnosed with perimyocarditis. This means he has scarring on three parts of his heart. Plus, the underlining of his heart has inflammation and, as a result, when his heart rate goes up, it constricts his heart and stops him from breathing. “I don’t trust myself, and I don’t trust my body. I don’t know what my heart’s doing, and I can have a small pain now, and in 10 seconds, I’m going to be on the floor,” he admits.

He and his dancing partner were one of the highest-ranking couples in the UK and the world. He believes dancing is what he was born to do, but he can no longer pursue his ambition of becoming a world professional champion. “Having lost that, I can’t even begin to tell you how bad it feels,” he says. 

Maxwell Harrison is just one of the victims featured in the documentary. The current maximum amount of compensation offered to victims is just £120,000. £120,000 for a whole lifetime of experiences lost and the inability to live a life as fully as they once did. Perhaps there is no amount that ever could be enough, but that abysmal amount doesn’t nearly cut it. Not even close.

Corruption within the MHRA, the UK’s Regulatory Body

We all remember how these experimental jabs were developed at “warp speed,” which is why governments had to indemnify pharmaceutical companies against any future claims. When relative risk reduction was declared at 95%, governments around the world gave the go-ahead to begin worldwide vaccination. However, Dr. Malhotra argues that the methodology used to approve the vaccinations was flawed. 

He says, “Relative risk reduction is a way of exaggerating the benefits of any intervention in the interests of someone trying to sell you something[...] If, for example, you have 1,000 people in a trial that didn’t have the vaccine versus 1,000 people that did [and] in the placebo group, the dummy group, you may have two people dying. In the intervention group, you may have one person dying – that’s a reduction of 50%. One over two is a 50% relative risk reduction, but actually, you’ve only saved one life out of a thousand. So, the absolute risk reduction is only one in a thousand.” 

86% of funding for the MHRA comes from the drug industry, revealing a huge conflict of interest.

Governments acted on the relative risk reduction of 95%, but the absolute risk reduction was a tiny 0.84%. “The guidance has been for many years that we must always use absolute risk reduction in conversation with patients, not just relative risk reduction alone. Otherwise, it’s considered unethical,” says Dr. Malhotra.

So, with such a low absolute risk reduction, why were the vaccines approved?  A recent article in the British Medical Journal questioned the independence of the UK’s medicine regulatory body, the MHRA. Chief Executive of the MHRA, June Raine, says that safety and independence are vital, but in the documentary, we see her admit that the agency has moved from “watchdog to enabler.” She confesses that the MHRA “tore up the rulebook” and allowed companies to overlap trials, “beginning the next one before the previous had been finished.”

The recent investigation by the BMJ found that 86% of funding for the MHRA comes from the drug industry, revealing a huge conflict of interest. It’s no longer an independent organization and cannot be trusted.

Closing Thoughts

Millions of people took the Covid jab and didn’t suffer any severe side effects. However, for the British people who did suffer serious adverse events, their situation is worsened by the mental stress of being neglected by the NHS, the public, and their government. 

Alongside laying out Dr. Malhotra’s argument to suspend the Covid vaccinations until further investigation can be done, the documentary also raises a variety of important questions. Why, in 2022, are many more people than usual dying? In England and Wales, why are deaths up 11.7% in 10 to 14-year-olds and almost 15% in 55 to 59-year-olds? 

The documentary claims this increase could equate to “over 75,000 excess deaths in England and Wales this year.” Of course, it’s entirely possible that there’s another reason for this increase, but it must be investigated. Unfortunately, the topic of Covid is still not up for open debate, and those who question the narrative, even renowned doctors and scientists, are still labeled as conspiracy theorists and spreaders of misinformation, making the journey to truth and justice incredibly long and hard.

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