Demand For "Pure Blood" Skyrockets As Blood Bank For Unvaccinated Individuals Gains Members From 16 Different Countries

Unvaccinated individuals who are in need of transfusions may be able to receive "pure blood" from a service titled "SafeBlood Donation," a global infrastructure for the supply of unvaccinated blood.

By Nicole Dominique1 min read
Pure blood

A Swiss naturopath named George Della Pietra has launched "SafeBlood Donation," a service designed to supply its members with "pure blood." SafeBlood Donation currently has members in at least 16 countries, with the long-term goal of opening more banks to provide people with clean transfusions. The founder, Pietra, believes that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign is "the crime of the century," adding that the jabs "contaminate" the blood and affect the immune system.

According to Pietra, the demand for pure blood has skyrocketed globally. "I get hundreds of emails asking me, 'Do you have blood [available], because I have surgery coming up in three weeks,'" he said.

The growing demand for unvaccinated blood comes as no surprise. In August 2022, a peer-reviewed study found "metal-like" objects in 94% of those who reported side effects from the mRNA vaccine. Of the 1,006 cases, 948 (94%) showed altered blood.

Pietra echoes these findings, even confirming that his own studies of vaccinated blood showed terrible "contamination" from the jabs. "I've never seen blood like this. This was, to be honest, the main reason I started the whole thing, because when I saw this, I was so horrified," he said. He continues, "The whole vaccination thing is from my point of view, mainly to do with controlling people." 

However, one media outlet reported that medical authorities will only allow direct plasma donations in specific medical situations, for example, if one has a rare blood type. Most of them refuse the growing demand for unvaccinated blood. SafeBlood Donation is facing some obstacles in the U.S. as well, since the FDA insists there is no difference between unvaccinated and vaccinated blood. So far, only patients from the state of Texas are free to choose the type of blood (and blood donor) they are willing to receive, per SafeBlood's website. 

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