A Tale As Old As Time: The CDC’s Love Affair With Vaccines And Gaslighting

We’ve known it since the beginning. The Covid-19 vaccine affects women’s menstrual cycles. So why then was the CDC only open to admitting this fact less than a year ago? And why was this information only confirmed by Pfizer after undercover journalism outlet Project Veritas proved it?

By Alicia Bittle8 min read

It all seems a little rehearsed, doesn't it? Coerce as many people as possible into getting the vaccine; wait until the pandemic is over; and then reveal what everybody knew all along: The Covid-19 vaccine does, in fact, affect women’s menstrual cycles. On their way to this admission, however, the CDC gaslit an entire half of the population by saying there’s no possible way vaccines can affect menstrual cycles. Instead, stress and sickness from Covid-19 itself were to blame. 

In the end, the CDC got exactly what it wanted. According to the government agency, 81% of the total U.S. population and 92% of the U.S. population 18 and over have had at least one dose of the vaccine. The disturbing part about all of this is that many of these Americans regret their decision to get vaccinated due to severe vaccine injuries such as myocarditis, heart failure, blood clots, miscarriage, altered fertility, fear of future repercussions, and death. Some individuals are even reporting cases of new or accelerated cancer and autoimmune disease. 

Despite this clear and present (and now scientifically recognized) danger, however, the CDC is still actively encouraging all U.S. citizens to get vaccinated. They are still using fear tactics in an attempt to coerce the remaining unvaccinated Americans into getting jabbed as well as those who've had the initial series to get their boosters. As an outside observer, their brazen confidence is astounding. Why on earth would an organization that’s supposed to stand for health, wellness, and science continue to recommend a harmful product? And why would they use fear to do it? It’s an effective tactic of persuasion, don’t get me wrong, but isn’t it also a villainous one? 

Maybe it’s because they’ve done this exact same thing before, several decades ago, and got away with it. Maybe it’s because the last time this happened, Congress passed an act, not to protect the people, but instead to protect the companies and organizations directly responsible for the death and mental retardation of thousands of children. 

The DTP Vaccine

The DTaP vaccine (used to inoculate against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis/whooping cough) on the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule today is not the same one we’ve always had. (Note: There are two vaccines that inoculate against the same three diseases: the Tdap and the DTaP. Tdap is recommended for older children and adults, and DTaP is recommended for infants and young children.)

From 1948 to 1996, the U.S. vaccinated its pediatric patients with the DTP vaccine. It was used to provide protection from the same three diseases as the DTaP, but over a span of almost 50 years, parents began to fear the vaccine more than the diseases it was supposed to prevent. 

At its peak in the 1800s, whooping cough (pertussis) was a deadly and rightfully feared disease, but by the 1940s, the deaths caused by the disease had declined by more than 92% due in large part to proper nutrition, water treatment, improved sanitation, and improved healthcare. However, the DTP vaccine had been in development for years at this point, and the pharmaceutical companies were all too eager to sink their product into as many chubby baby legs as possible. As a result, they'd been raking in the profits by providing a service the public still believed it needed. 

By the 1940s, pertussis deaths had declined by more than 92% due to improved nutrition, sanitation, and healthcare. 

Severe adverse reactions occurred early on in the DTP vaccination program. During a span of about 10 years, a single hospital recorded 15 pediatric cases of “acute cerebral symptoms,” such as encephalopathy (characterized by nonstop screaming/crying), seizures, and listlessness within mere hours of receiving the DTP vaccine. The majority of children affected were male, and 13 out of the 15 affected children regressed or failed to progress in mental development afterward. Many of the children had multiple afflictions, so the breakdown is confusing, but in total, two children died, seven were mentally retarded, five became partially paralyzed, and two were rendered blind. According to all the mothers and the previously healthy children's medical records, all of the affected children had been developing normally and on schedule before receiving the DTP vaccine. 

Severe reactions to the DTP vaccine continued through the 1950s, with doctors noting alarming increases in cases of not just seizures, encephalopathy, and hypotonia (limpness), but severe mental retardation as well. In one case, a mother watched as in a matter of 48 hours, her interactive, bright, 8-month-old boy became unable to support his head and wholly uninterested in his environment and the people around him. Many other children deteriorated similarly after receiving the vaccine, and some succumbed to death, after their brains had been damaged so severely.

By the 1960s, some doctors began to question the morality of mass prophylactic vaccination in the face of such severe reactions, especially given the fact that the rate of severe adverse reactions to the vaccine were now outpacing the severe complication rate from pertussis itself. One doctor from Sweden is recorded saying, “the neurological complications after pertussis does not appear to be as high as that after vaccination.” He went on to note that after a nationwide investigation, it was found that between 1955 and 1958, neurological complications post-vaccination occurred at a rate of 1 in 6,000.

In Tennessee in 1979, four infants died within 24 hours of receiving the DTP vaccine. All four had received their shot from the same lot produced by Wyeth Laboratories (today, a subsidiary of Pfizer), and that lot was pulled by Wyeth a few days after the deaths. However, there is no documentation to suggest it was ever destroyed. Due to the sudden and unexpected deaths, an investigation was launched, and it was found that from August 1977 through March 1979, 151 infants had died suddenly. A follow-up report noted that within the data provided for 114 of the children who died at 6 weeks or older, the vast majority had received the DTP vaccine. 

The CDC’s Response to DTP Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Throughout this ordeal of surplus deaths and neurological illnesses, the CDC, as well as many doctors, told the parents of these disabled and dead children that though their child had been perfectly healthy before the vaccine, the shot and the severe symptoms that followed soon after were unrelated. Minor reactions such as fever, redness, and swelling were, of course, attributed to the vaccine, but anything outside the range of “normal” and “safe” was discounted as “impossible” and “unrelated.” This gaslighting was surprisingly commonplace despite the fact that renowned medical journals such as The BMJ and The Lancet had published pieces describing just how dangerous the pertussis component of the DTP vaccine was. 

In 1977, The Lancet even published a piece where a doctor claimed that “this risk [of vaccine-induced dementia] far exceeds the present risk of death or permanent damage from whooping cough or even, in some parts of the country, the chance of contracting it.” One study noted that severe neurological reactions, such as seizure and hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes, occurred at a rate of “approximately 1 in 1,750 immunizations” and encephalopathy at a rate of about 1 in 6,500. Another study in 1980 called into question the efficacy of vaccinating healthy, low-risk children given the fact that had many of these babies not received the vaccine, they (and their families) would have gone on to lead normal, happy lives even if they had later contracted whooping cough. And in 1984, JAMA studied 22 children who began to have regular seizures less than 24 hours after being vaccinated.  

In 1983, 24 doses of vaccine were recommended for children to receive throughout their lives. Now, it’s 72.

In 1985, the Institute of Medicine (today, the National Academy of Medicine) reported that an estimated 17,994,600 doses of DTP vaccine were given every year, resulting in 7,197,840 minor reactions, 10,283 seizures, 164 cases of encephalitis, 58 cases of chronic disability, and two to four deaths per year, with estimated medical costs to cover all DTP vaccine injuries in the millions. Due to their findings, the IOM recommended discontinuing the DTP vaccine and for the U.S. to switch to an acellular version containing inactivated pertussis toxin.  

Despite all this, however, in 1993, the CDC published an immunization guide for parents stating that a link between brain damage and the DTP vaccine had “not been proven” and death as an adverse event was never mentioned. They did, however, cite a 1 in 100 risk of encephalitis (brain swelling characterized by nonstop screaming) and a 1 in 1,750 chance of hypotonia/hyporesponsiveness (a sign of brain damage).  

Was the DTP Vaccine Even Necessary?

Perhaps the saddest fact in this chapter of our history is that the DTP vaccine was not even necessary for three compelling reasons: 

  1. As mentioned earlier, whooping cough deaths had already declined dramatically before the introduction of the DTP vaccine. In fact, in the U.S., from its peak, whooping cough deaths had already declined by 92% before DTP’s introduction in the late 1940s. In England and Wales, the death rate had already declined by 99%.

  2. The vaccine itself was essentially ineffective. From the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s in England, there was a drop in DTP vaccination rates due to vaccine hesitancy. Theoretically, the infection and death rate for pertussis should have increased due to this lull in vaccine coverage. Instead, though infection rate did increase, deaths and hospitalizations due to pertussis decreased during this period. In 1979, Sweden discontinued the whooping cough vaccination due to a review in 1978 that showed that 84% of the children who came down with whooping cough that year had previously received three doses of the “inoculation.”

  3. From 1981 to 1993, there was no national vaccination program for pertussis in Sweden. In that same time period, a total of eight children are recorded as dying from whooping cough. This averages out to be approximately .6 children per year with an odds ratio of 1 in 13,000,000. 

Additionally, just like the DTP vaccine, today's updated version of the vaccine, DTaP, doesn't even prevent people from getting whooping cough; in fact, it may even make them more susceptible.

It's interesting to note that the most at-risk population, when it comes to death and hospitalization due to pertussis, is infants 2 months old and younger due to their inability to cough productively and keep their lungs clear. The first DTaP vaccination isn’t given until 4 months old, and for this reason, doctors recommend “cocooning” or vaccinating everyone who will come into contact with the baby, including the mother while she is still pregnant (which is considered “off-label use”).

What's more, natural immunity is most likely stronger and most likely to last longer than “immunity” gained from the vaccine. So by vaccinating yourself for pertussis, you are not only incurring the risks of adverse reaction, you are now possibly more likely than your unvaccinated counterpart to contract and spread whooping cough. 

Of note, in 2019, there were about seven deaths in the U.S. due to pertussis. That same year, 27 deaths were reported due to vaccines containing the pertussis component, according to VAERS

Nevertheless, the CDC is considering adding another dose to the schedule since case studies of school outbreaks suggest the vaccine wears off quickly and is ineffective at the current vaccination dosage rate.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986

For nearly 50 years, the CDC endangered the lives of millions of children. They irreversibly injured thousands and killed hundreds. In 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) was passed by Congress, and the VAERS system was established in 1990. This move protected the pharmaceutical companies from litigation, and each vial of vaccine is now taxed from the American people in order to cover compensation from the court to the vaccine-injured or deceased parties. In 1983, 24 doses of vaccine were recommended for children to receive throughout their lives. Today, that number is 72.

We can clearly see that vaccines can and do, in fact, cause injuries and deaths. This isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory or myth, as the media and your run-of-the-mill doctor would have you believe. What’s more, if you’ve ever brought up your fear of injury to your child’s doctor, they likely either told you injuries and deaths are unrelated to the vaccine or that they happen so rarely, your child is more likely to be harmed by the disease than the vaccine used to prevent the disease. But as we saw from our case study in Sweden, this isn’t always true. 

Additionally, Congress itself spoke on this very matter in 2011 and deemed vaccines “unavoidably unsafe.” However, they also stated that this danger was acceptable and the pharmaceutical companies should continue to be protected by the Vaccine Act as long as the consequences of contracting the disease outweigh the risk of severe reactions from the vaccine used to prevent that same disease. The speaker used rabies as an example, citing that though the Pasteur rabies vaccination “not uncommonly leads to very serious and damaging consequences when it is injected, both the marketing and the use of the vaccine are fully justified” due to the fact that rabies has an almost 100% death rate if left untreated. In world history, there have only ever been 20 recorded cases of natural survival of the rabies disease. However, it’s also estimated that 1 in every 287 to 1 in every 8,287 people (mostly males) who receive the rabies treatment come down with severe neuroparalytic conditions, including Guillain-Barré syndrome, loss of white matter in the brain, brain swelling, and damage to spinal nerves. If a patient contracts these symptoms, their risk of death is estimated to be anywhere from 25-40%.

Each vial of vaccine is now taxed from the American people to cover compensation for vaccine injuries.

According to Congress’s own definition and interpretation of the NCVIA, most vaccines should not be covered by Congress, as today they cause more injury and death than they prevent. Abiding by Congress’s report, the pharmaceutical companies should be able to be held liable by the American people. Maybe then they’d be more motivated to create safer products.

Still in the Business of Gaslighting

The CDC has gaslit Americans many, many times. The DTP vaccine is not the only historical case of this, it’s just a good, parallel example of what we’re watching play out today with the CDC’s Covid response and vaccine recommendations. 

In 2022, “unknown cause” became the No. 1 killer of Canadians living in the province of Alberta. Countries all around the planet are reporting unprecedented increases in “excess deaths,” and the numbers are increasing exponentially. One study states that serious adverse events (including reactions such as death, heart failure, and myocarditis) due to the Pfizer vaccine are occurring at a rate of 10 per 10,000, and 15 per 10,000 for the Moderna vaccine. This totals to a combined rate of 1 in 800 severe adverse reactions per vaccination. Males ages 12-17 are at the greatest risk for these severe reactions.

Conversely, in Great Britain (a comparable population to our own), the risk of pediatric death (children 17 and under) due to Covid-19 infection is estimated to be 2 per 1,000,000.

While the CDC has finally admitted that the vaccine does, in fact, affect women's menstrual cycles, they’re still unwilling to admit that it affects fertility, stating, “There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including Covid-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems (problems trying to get pregnant) in women or men.” Now, I don't know about you, but I’ve been through basic biology and I track my cycles as a part of the Fertility Awareness Method, and something that I’ve noticed is that whenever my cycle is off, so is my fertility. Ovulation may be delayed, or may just not happen at all, and before using ovulation test strips or measuring my BBT, my period was always the one to inform me if something was amiss with my fertile window. Not only that, I think miscarriages are a heartbreakingly tragic sign that something is possibly wrong with a woman’s fertility. So, given the fact that nearly half of the women who participated in the Pfizer vaccine trial miscarried, I’d say that's a pretty significant indication that the vaccine does affect fertility. And it's pretty frightening that the CDC refuses to acknowledge that. 

Closing Thoughts

Informed consent is “permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits.” Whatever your opinion on vaccines, we can all agree that the CDC and, as a result, doctors at large, do not provide true informed consent when it comes to vaccines. The vaccine insert (a slip of paper legally required to be included with each vial of vaccine) lays out the risks of each vaccine it’s included with. SIDS, encephalopathy, apnea, cyanosis, hypotonia, and convulsions are just a handful of the possible side effects listed for the several brands of DTaP vaccine we have available to us today, but I bet your doctor never told you that. I bet he never told you that every time you vaccinate your child, you’d be taking on those risks. The CDC itself says that “studies have found recommended childhood vaccines do not cause and are not linked to SIDS,” yet we have the vaccine insert itself that says it can cause SIDS and that it has. We even have vaccine court cases to back this up. Children have died, and the government has compensated their families because they provided an undeniable body of proof that vaccines killed their baby. Yet the CDC, and your doctor, will tell you otherwise. 

The U.S. is the only developed country still demanding that children get the Covid-19 vaccine. The CDC just voted unanimously to add it to the childhood schedule. It's baffling and it’s infuriating, and unfortunately, it’s nothing new. So again, whatever your thoughts regarding vaccines at large, I think we all can agree: The organization pushing them is as crooked as they come. They love their bottom line more than the American people, and that’s a problem. 

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