25 Barbie Collabs Worth Shopping Before The Film Hits Theaters

Barbie movie summer is here, and it’s a total pink-out. From Gap to Xbox, we’re breaking down the hottest collabs for you here, and how to shop before they sell out.

By Julie Drake4 min read
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Big hair and blue eyeshadow lovers’ dreams are coming true this summer, and unless you’ve been living off the grid, you’ve likely heard a thing or two about it. The Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring two of Hollywood’s biggest names – Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – is coming soon to a theater near you. Images of Robbie sporting bubblegum-hued sets and matching stilettos is giving nostalgia and evoking warm childhood memories. Before there was TikTok, we had plastic human caricatures with impressive wardrobes and a dream car to engage imaginations. Summers spent playing Barbies with a best friend were the best kind. Cruising down the imaginary Pacific Coast Highway in the pink convertible felt almost as good as the real thing, as we waited for mom to bring cookies and pink lemonade. Life was simple. Things were good.

Alas, gone are the days of imaginative play and full-service snacks, and our favorite toy has gone Hollywood. Sure to be the breakout hit of the summer, the Barbie movie’s press tour is in full swing and retailers are already cashing in. #Barbiemovie collabs are popping up everywhere, and, so far, seem to be a massive hit. A marketer's dream with an unmistakable color palette and the most recognizable name in history, the trademark logo has been scrawled over everything from bath towels to park benches. Taking over the fashion, home decor and gaming scene are Barbie x (fill in the blank) collections, and, as the OG influencer, Barbie is no doubt delighted. Life in plastic really is fantastic. 

From modern to retro, all of Barbie’s eras are covered by the collabs, and fans have their pick of pinked-out merch. And while we have high hopes for the movie to help us relive every rose-colored childhood memory, we’re not about to rely on the virtual experience alone. As we await Gerwig’s cinematic presentation, here are all the Barbie collabs we’re shopping to live out our inner girly-girl dreams:

1. Aqua x Barbie

The Aqua x Barbie collab is to die for with pink tweed matching sets and heart-shaped hoops. The perfect “quiet luxury, but make it loud” vibes. Shop now here.

2. Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate x Barbie

Channel Boardwalk Barbie in Impala’s Lightspeed inline skate. Skate down to the frozen banana stand for maximum sweet 16 energy. Shop the collab here.

3. Kitsch x Barbie

It doesn’t get more kitsch than Barbie hair accessories in all the right colors. Satin scrunchies and flower clips have your high pony covered. Shop ‘em here

4. Gap x Barbie

For “East Coastal Barbie” vibes, look no further than the faded ball caps and puff-sleeved jean jackets of the Gap x Barbie collab. Perfect for those wanting to dip their toes in rather than cannonball into the Barbiemovie collab pool. Shop it all here.

5. Aldo x Barbie

On the opposite end of the collab pool is the Aldo x Barbie collection. Jump right into the deep end with sky high see-through stilettos – pink, of course – and cloud-reaching platforms. More is more is the name of the “let’s go party” game. Shop it here

6. Lele Sadoughi x Barbie

Barbie but make it Soho. Not a brand new collab, but delighted all the same to see that one of our favorite hair accessory brands has joined forces with the it doll. It’s giving boho bombshell, and is available to shop now here.

7. OPI x Barbie

This one’s a no-brainer. Barbie mani/pedis for everyone. Get ‘em before they’re gone here.

8. Alex & Ani x Barbie

Make an embellished statement with these dainty accessories. Pave Barbie necklace will surely become a tried and true classic from the summer of ’23. Shop the pretties here

9. Unique Vintage x Barbie

Play Pin-Up Barbie with the retro Unique Vintage collab. Predicting this suit on many a “rich young wife” at the neighborhood pool this summer. Shop it, and much more, here.

10. Barefoot Dreams x Barbie

Barbie does hygge with the Barefoot Dreams collab. The splurge is worth it for the nostalgia and the supreme comfy cozy. Shop here.

11. Ruggable x Barbie

Pink is the new home decor staple with the Ruggable x Barbie collab. Fact: Rugs have never been so fun. Shop it here.

12. PacSun x Barbie

Barbie goes Huntington Beach with the surfer girl PacSun collab. For the landlocked, grab your merch, watch Blue Crush, and then visit your local simulated surfing spot. Does Great Wolf Lodge count? Surf’s up now, here.

13. Truly x Barbie

At this point, you look like Barbie head to toe. Why not smell like her too? Smells like pink. And acai berries and matcha. Get yours here.

14. Forever21 x Barbie

Stay barely legal forever in the sorority girl favorite Forever 21 collab. Get the crop top, leave the jersey. Shop now here.

15. Swoon x Barbie

Swooning over this zero-sugar pink lemonade. If Barbie could drink actual beverages, this would no doubt be her refresher of choice. Shop here.

16. Dragon Glassware x Barbie

No true Barbie party will be complete this summer without the Dragon glassware for drinks. Fill ‘em with Swoon’s pink lemonade and make the fangirls’ heads explode. Shop here.

17. CHI x Barbie

Once a CHI girl, forever a CHI girl with the must-have tool of the noughties. Now you can have your straight hair and heat it too. Shop here.

18. Homesick x Barbie

It’s not enough that you smell the part, though, because so too must your abode. Be careful, though, we’ve heard it makes you homesick for a 10,000 square foot all-pink ‘n faux fur mansion in Malibu. Shop the scent here.

19. Superga x Barbie

Not the most realistic footwear on the market, but not the least, either. Superga goes full Harajuku with the platform Barbie sneak. Snag it here.

20. Show Me Your Mumu x Barbie

Another no-brainer. Cute and sassy wins the day. The athleisure sets are all we want to wear right now. Grab yours here.

21. Funboy x Barbie

The “pool floats for ocean-views” collab. What we’d like to know is, does it include actual funboys? Because that would be great, too. Shop here.

22. Xbox x Barbie

Perhaps the most surprising collab of the bunch, but hey, we’ll buy anything this summer if it’s pink. Bring on the console that I have absolutely no idea what to do with, and it will at least serve as a conversation starter. Details on the collab here.

23. Béis x Barbie

All the hot girls got together and decided we just couldn’t do without a Béis-ic travel bag collab. The hot girls are right. Launches July 19, sign up to get notified here.

24. NYX x Barbie 

Go full Glam Barbie with the NYX Cosmetics collab. Grab a palette and the flip phone mirror for touch ups, and (beauty) touchdowns. Shop here

25. Barbie x Kipling

Saving the best for last. A pink-perfect bag for your whole entire haul. Launches July 13, and all our alarms are set. Shop here.

Let’s Go Party

Congratulations. You’ve completed your race through the collab-shopping obstacle course, and you’re now ready to book a stay with your bestie at the official Barbie DreamHouse! Airbnb has teamed up with Barbie to outfit a house in Malibu for all your Cali-girl cosplay pleasures. (Can we get a Ryan Gosling add on?) Pack your Dragon drinkware and Unique Vintage swimmy for an immersive experience that your inner plastic icon won’t soon forget. After a dip in the pool, take your pink lemonade inside for Barbie-themed episodes of the Summer Baking Championship and the HGTV Dreamhouse challenge. Then snuggle up with your Barefoot Dreams blankie and drift off to Neverland, where imagination makes life your playful whimsical dazzling creation, and the “let’s go party” soundtrack is on 24/7 repeat. Just a couple Barbie girls in the Barbie world – like you always imagined.

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