11 Recipes Every Wife Should Know How To Make

The Evie writers weighed in with the classic wifey dishes that are sure to please any husband – and elevate you to tradwife status.

By Renée Walton3 min read
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Like it or not, saying “I do” typically means your girl dinner days are over. A random smattering of fruit, cheeses, and deli meat likely isn’t your husband’s idea of a meal – which means you need a few go-to recipes in your rotation.

Whether you’re a newlywed, you’ve been married for years, or you’re informally preparing for your Mrs. degree, here are 11 must-have dishes for your recipe box. 


Recommended Recipe: The Seasoned Mom Homemade Lasagna

There are few things more comforting than a casserole dish full of cheesy, saucy lasagna. Since it’s always a crowd-pleaser, it’s the perfect recipe to have in your arsenal to make for dinner parties or for a cozy weeknight meal. 

And ricotta haters rejoice: We found another recipe that opts for cottage cheese for a richer texture (and a bit more protein). 

Stuffed Peppers 

Recommended Recipe: Samantha Montgomery Italian Stuffed Peppers

For those nights when you’re craving pasta but want a lower-carb option, these stuffed peppers fit the bill. They’re protein-packed, simple to make, and bursting with Italian flavors. Not to mention, they hold their own as leftovers, so go ahead and make the whole batch. 

Garlic Butter Steak 

Recommended Recipe: Cooking Classy Pan Seared Steak with Garlic Butter

I’ve never met a man who doesn’t appreciate a quality cut of steak for dinner. This easy cooking method uses butter, garlic, and thyme to ensure a happy and well-fed husband every time you make it. For even more flavor (and to avoid sketchy seed oils), substitute bacon grease or beef tallow for the vegetable oil. Pair with your favorite roasted vegetable and a baked potato, and you’ll be a dinnertime hero. 

Cinnamon Rolls

Recommended Recipe: The Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade cinnamon rolls tend to be a holiday morning staple in some houses, but how great of a wife would you be if you pulled a fresh batch of homemade cinnamon rolls out of the oven on a random Saturday? Slather them up with maple frosting (that calls for fresh-brewed coffee as one of the ingredients) for all the breakfast-flavor yumminess. 

Note: This recipe makes a lot of cinnamon rolls. Unless you’re feeding a crowd, cut the recipe in half or even quarter it. You can also freeze them. 

Sheet Pan Nachos

Recommended Recipe: Choosing Balance BBQ Chicken Nachos

Every wife needs an easy go-to appetizer to throw together when their husband casually announces that he’s invited everyone over to watch the game later that day (or is that just mine?). Chances are, you have most of these ingredients in your fridge and pantry already, so you won’t have to make a mad dash to the grocery store. 

Lemon Butter Chicken

Recommended Recipe: Salt and Lavender Easy Lemon Chicken

Need a flavorful dinner that’s super simple and can be on the table in 20 minutes? Look no further than this easy lemon butter chicken. You probably have all of the necessary ingredients on hand for a dish that will almost certainly satisfy any hungry husband (who doesn’t like lemon butter?). Ladle it over rice and pair with whatever veggie you have on hand. Voila! Dinner is served.

Homemade Pasta Sauce

Recommended Recipe: All Recipes World’s Best Pasta Sauce 

Do yourself (and your family) a favor and step away from the jarred pasta sauce. Aside from the strange (and unnecessary) ingredients that lurk within, the flavor of store-bought sauces usually falls flat. Learn to make your own for a wholesome and simple pasta companion that you can tweak according to your taste buds. 

Apple Pie 

Recommended Recipe: Joanna Gaines’ Apple Pie

Thanks to its buttery brown sugar topping and caramel-like filling, this recipe has earned me star apple pie baker status in my family. I’ve gotten so many requests for it that I double the recipe to make two at once so I always have an extra on hand for fall or holiday get-togethers. 

Beef Bourguignon 

Recommended Recipe: Sip and Feast Beef Bourguignon

Think of this French comfort food as pot roast’s elevated European cousin. It’s loaded with veggies and tender beef, and it’s bursting with flavor thanks to the bacon, herbs, and pinot noir. It’s a classic recipe that looks (and tastes) more complicated than it actually is, making it sure to please any foodie husband.  

Roasted Chicken 

Recommended Recipe: The Barefoot Contessa Perfect Roast Chicken

A roasted chicken is a meal that’s both elegant and practical. All it takes is some simple ingredients, a few minutes of prep work, and a couple hours in the oven for a delicious dinner that looks more impressive than it has any right to be. Roast your chicken on a Sunday and use the leftover meat all week long. 


Recommended Recipe: Wellmade by Kiley Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes

Protein-packed pancakes might be having a moment, but there’s something about a stack of classic buttermilk flapjacks made from scratch on a Sunday morning that screams “happily married couple.” This recipe is loaded up with juicy blueberries, but feel free to substitute pecans, chocolate chips, or any other add-ins that strike your fancy. 

Closing Thoughts

Mastering a few classic dishes is a surefire way to take your wifey game to the next level. Don’t be afraid to play around with these recipes and adjust them to your (and your husband and family’s) tastes. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to having a recipe box full of family favorites. 

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