10 Spring Fashion Trends That Are “Girl-Cute”

This spring, there's a multitude of new trends and flirty spring pieces at the top of the fashion charts. The emphasis on florals and pastel colors is a typical spring style expectation, but there are also many other unexpected trends that some would consider “girl-cute.”

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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You may have heard the terms “girl-cute” or “boy-cute” related to style in the past, but they have resurfaced as a way to define certain trends, pieces, and outfits based on who will take notice of your look. Similar to dressing for the female gaze, rather than the male gaze, the term “girl-cute” applies to the clothing pieces and outfits that are chosen for the appreciation of your female friends. 

“Girl-cute” outfits are a great way to practice taking style risks, explore your personal style, or even bond with other women through fashion. Sounds fun, right? So, if you’re ready to create some “girl-cute” looks for spring, here are 10 spring fashion trends that fit the “girl-cute” model for style! 

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Maxi Denim Skirts

The denim maxi skirt is a trending style, mostly due to the wide appreciation from our favorite celebrity style icons. “Girl-cute” due to its silhouette and functionality, the maxi-length denim skirt is all over the fashion world this spring, and you can find these skirts at most stores. Plus, you simply style it as you would style your favorite pair of jeans. An effortless style statement that will definitely be copied by your friends. 

Cowboy Boots and Maxi Dresses

In line with the coastal cowgirl trend, patterned maxi dresses paired with cowboy boots are a cute and easy outfit to wear during the spring. While a shorter sundress and cowboy boots would likely appeal to the male gaze, the addition of a longer dress is the definition of “girl-cute.” You can easily wear this trend all season long, and we would encourage you to, as we are big fans of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic! 

Super Baggy Pants

Hello, festival season! After a recap of the Coachella influencer showdown, the ultra-baggy pant trend is becoming increasingly popular once again, especially with low-rise denim. The girls will appreciate the way you style your baggy pants, often with a form-fitting top, and will likely take notes on your edgier fashion sense. 

Flower Chokers

Another spring-themed fashion trend is the flower choker. This accessory features a large blossom on a thin, ribbon-like choker, and is the epitome of taking fashion risks in everyday style. Swap your dainty necklaces and layered sets for one of these large flower chokers to spice up your most basic spring looks. 

Oversized 3D Florals 

Feminine, spring-themed, and largely over the top, these oversized 3D floral pieces will catch the appreciative eye of any fashion-minded woman. These 3D floral details are all over the runway, and have been for some time, but they have also arrived in a more affordable and accessible way for us to enjoy this season. Plus, it looks expensive, which our girlfriends will understand and admire correctly. 

Coquette Aesthetic 

The coquette aesthetic is dainty and overly girly, which makes it the perfect “girl-cute” trend to try out this spring. Many women have leaned into the coquette style this spring, due to its soft tones, fabrics, and overall soft girl appeal. A combination of Victorian style and romantic femininity, the coquette aesthetic is a perfect place to start if you want to play around with your personal style. 

Silk Corset Dresses 

While the corset trend has been back for a while now, silk corset dresses are an elegant take on a classic silhouette. Especially in a bright color, your look will be memorable for everyone in the room, but the women will take the most note of your dress. Flattering and effortlessly chic, this trend will be around for a while! 

House of CB 

House of CB: an elegant play on color and style. This brand is feminine and girly, but also includes interesting details and silhouettes that will become your friends’ style inspo for the entirety of the spring season. Emphasizing your best features without compromising on style, these ultrafeminine pieces are the perfect “girl-cute” look.  

Cargo Mini Skirts

While a mini skirt typically attracts the male gaze, the cargo mini skirt brings a GI-Barbie vibe that results in a “girl-cute” spring look. Easy to style for a variety of different aesthetics, the cargo mini skirt is a fun play on the classic denim miniskirt that is perfect for warmer temperatures. Pair your skirt with chunky sandals for an edgier look or with sneakers for an athleisure look. 

Réalisation Par Model Tees

Graphic tees have resurfaced as the ultimate “cool girl” basic, and these oversized printed model tees are no exception. To style this tee according to the “girl-cute” mindset, you would simply wear this oversized tee as a dress, with a pair of chunky sandals or over a bathing suit. The model graphic gives this look a vintage feel, styled in a contemporary way. To shop the look, check out this option

Closing Thoughts

New spring trends, especially those classified as “girl-cute,” are a fun way to play with fashion as the temperatures rise. With so many new styles and pieces to try, your spring style will be anything but boring! 

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