How To Copy The Viral “Coastal Cowgirl” Aesthetic

If you’re still figuring out how to build your perfect coastal grandmother wardrobe, you’ve probably seen the newest TikTok aesthetic trend – the coastal cowgirl. This aesthetic is ultra-feminine and combines everything we love about the coastal grandmother aesthetic with one important (and adorable) distinction: cowboy boots!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Western fashion has quickly become a major influence on social media, as some of our favorite celebrities and influencers are taking part in this adorably feminine trend. A combination of neutral beach and western core, the coastal cowgirl aesthetic is the perfect transition from your winter to spring/summer wardrobes. 

It’s laidback but feminine. Effortless but gorgeous. Beachy, with a western flair. It’s not just a style aesthetic, but a lifestyle! 

Not sure what the aesthetic looks like? 

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Now that you’ve seen (and fallen in love with) the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, let’s look at the basic elements and must-have pieces together!

Emphasis on Neutral Tones

Similar to the coastal grandmother aesthetic, this style is built on neutral, earthy tones. Light-wash denim paired with soft, neutral sweaters or button-downs is an easy outfit, or look for sweet minidresses in neutral tones or dainty floral patterns. 

Think of the coastal grandmother aesthetic as the base for your look. You need breezy fabrics, simple outfits, and basic colors in order to add those pretty cowgirl touches to finalize the look. If you need a refresher on the coastal grandmother aesthetic, check out this article for added inspiration.

Pop of Blue

Because the foundation of your outfit is neutral tones, it becomes the perfect canvas for a pop of blue! True to its name, the coastal cowgirl aesthetic also relies on the nautical vibes of the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Try a blue striped linen top or a blue minidress for the perfect beachy flair. 

Cowboy Boots

To properly copy this aesthetic, you need a pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are super versatile for year-round outfits, and they look so cute with a sundress during the spring. 

To style them according to the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, choose a pair of either brown or white boots to keep that beachy color scheme alive. Or, you can opt for a pretty pink or blue color to add an extra touch of femininity. Either way, remember that comfort is key when it comes to boots because you will be wearing them often! 

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And if you are looking for more ways to style your boots, check out this article

Western Accessories

The cowgirl piece of the aesthetic doesn’t have to stop at the boots! Add a few other western accessories to your look: a hat, a brown belt, a matching bag, or even a printed tote bag with a western image. Be creative, find what you like, and make this aesthetic your own!

Natural Hair and Makeup

Keep the bold looks tucked away for another aesthetic. The coastal cowgirl embraces her natural waves, cherishes her sprinkle of freckles, and keeps her skin protected with a generous amount of mineral SPF. 

Key Pieces

Other than the essential cowboy boots, there are a few other key pieces you need to build your coastal cowgirl wardrobe. As we discussed previously, neutral basics are the base of your entire look.

You'll need a few white tees and tanks for layering, as they will go with any and all of the other pieces.

Essential Baby Tee, $25

This cardigan is the perfect combo of effortless and beachy. It’s a versatile piece to throw over a sundress, wear with denim, or drape over your shoulders. 

Found My Friend Cardi, $78

Boots are the most essential piece, but a beachy cowboy hat is another cute way to tie in the whole aesthetic. Packable for the beach, these hats are coastal cowgirl perfection!

Mixed Braid Packable Cowboy Hat, $48

Lack of Color Sandy Cowboy Hat, $149

Hello, Levi’s! If you can’t get your hands on vintage Levi’s denim, make sure your jeans have the essential elements: light wash, rigid shape, and straight leg. A looser pair of denim shorts will also do the trick!

Levi's Baggy Dad Jeans, $118

Flowy sundresses, especially in a light or neutral color, will be the most worn coastal cowgirl outfit in your closet. A babydoll-style dress is super flattering and works for any occasion! 

Mimi Floral Puff Sleeve Mini Dress, $70

I'm Still Obsessed Sleeveless Mini Dress, $60

You also need a dress for frolicking in a field of daisies (this activity is highly recommended!). A linen midi dress in an aesthetically appropriate pattern is a must-have. 

Smocked Bodice Linen-Blend Midi Dress, $110

Laura Tie Back Dress, $75

Because of the coastal piece, you will also need an aesthetically pleasing bikini! A white, brown, or blue bikini is the perfect choice in color. 

White Bikini Top | Matching Bottoms

An oversized linen button-down is the perfect breezy layer for a coastal cowgirl. An important element of the coastal grandmother and western aesthetic, this piece can be layered over a tank, a bikini, a dress, or buttoned up over denim. 

Oversized Linen-Blend Shirt, $60

And if you aren’t ready to commit to the cowboy hat, consider this TikTok famous “cowboy hat” in a California trucker style. The colors couldn’t be cuter for a day at the beach. 

Cowboy Baseball Hat, $38

Closing Thoughts

If full western fashion isn’t practical in your daily life, you’ll love the coastal cowgirl look. It’s the perfect style and lifestyle aesthetic heading into spring and summer!

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