Why You Need To Take Advantage Of TikTok's "I'm So Lucky" Trend So You Can Manifest Abundance And Happiness

Feeling stuck? Here's why you need to try the "I'm so lucky" trend on TikTok.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
Lucky Trend

The "I'm so lucky" trend on TikTok has received massive attention on the platform in the past couple of weeks, and there's a good reason why! Allow me to fill you in on the details. It all started when two young women (@skzzolno) made a video discussing how they transformed their own lives with what they called the "lucky girl syndrome." 

Basically, one of them saw someone on TikTok share their favorite affirmations. Some of them were "I don't know why, but everything just works out for me," and "I'm so lucky that everything works out." This influenced both of the girls to repeat the affirmations themselves, and, to their surprise, it helped them achieve many of their desires. For example, they both got the bedroom that they wanted, and their videos went viral too.

@skzzolno's video has reached millions of people already, and it got so popular that others started to incorporate the phrases into their own lives as well. Another user (@meganguilbeax) shared her results from doing the trend, and she got lucky in as little as 24 hours! "So I'm like, I'm gonna try it. New Year, let's be positive. 'I am so lucky everything goes my way,'" she said, explaining how she had just incorporated the phrase a day earlier.

The next day, she noticed that one of her TikToks had gone viral. And that's not all – she also got one of her best friends to join her on a spontaneous trip to Vegas, and she went to the salon where someone randomly paid for her nails! 

"I am so lucky everything works out for me!" she exclaimed, "Alright, we all gotta start doing it." 

How To Do the “I’m Lucky Trend” 

If you’re not convinced, that’s okay – you can still try it anyway. If you’re a glass-half-empty kind of gal, you can choose today to shift your perception. You can try it for yourself for a week to see what happens. Even if nothing really happens, you should still feel a difference in your mood and mindset.

As you’ve already seen, this trend is super easy. All you have to do is tell yourself that you’re lucky. Repeat it daily, in any situation, even if you’re not feeling too confident about it at first. If you’re in a pinch, feeling down, or worried, just tell yourself: “I’m so lucky that everything works out for me.” Document what happens and be amazed at the results! 

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