Why Women Everywhere Are Crushing On NFL Star Joe Burrow

Even if you’re not an avid NFL fan, chances are you’ve heard of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. If you haven’t, get ready to fall in love with one of the most beloved quarterbacks in the NFL.

By Meghan Dillon3 min read
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25-year-old Joe Burrow might be the most likable athlete in the world, and we’re not the only ones who are obsessed. Dare we say that we haven’t seen a football player with this many female fans since Tom Brady? It may be too soon to tell, but there’s no denying that Joe Burrow is the perfect example of traditional masculinity in a modern man, and we love him for it. And let’s not skip over the obvious – he’s easy on the eyes!

He’s Hard-Working and a Great Leader

It’s easy to see why women adore Joe Burrow – he has a funny and cool personality and seems like a genuinely friendly guy. He has also worked hard and persevered to get to where he is in his career. In 2017, he made the tough decision to transfer from his home state school, Ohio State University, to Louisiana State University in hopes of having a more successful college career. 

The decision paid off, as he led LSU to win the National Championship in 2020. Burrow believes that this helped shape the work ethic that has made him so successful, telling 247 Sports, "I think I am who I am because of the difficult times that I went through in my career…If you look at all the quarterbacks that were in the playoffs, a lot of them have gone through a lot of adversity throughout their careers."

Burrow’s reputation for working hard has made him incredibly popular within the NFL. An NFL insider recently reported that multiple free agents “really want to play for the Bengals because of Joe Burrow.” This is not only because he’s had a successful career so far and a promising future ahead, but also because he’s a great leader and can help the Bengals win the Super Bowl in the near future. He’s also respected among NFL officials, as one once said, “If I had a son, I’d love for him to be like Joe.”

Joe Burrow Is a Gentleman

Joe Burrow is also incredibly confident. When he was playing in the National Championship in 2020, influencer Alyssa Schoener tweeted, “This is going to be my final statement on the joe burrow tweet: it’s not just the looks. It’s the confidence. The money. The talent. U can’t find those in a fraternity house. I have checked. Many times.”

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, and it’s even more attractive that Burrow knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. When asked about the secret to his confidence, he said, “I wouldn’t have as much confidence in myself if I didn’t work hard in the offseason and didn’t watch any film throughout the week. I also know that…everybody else on our team and on our coaching staff works really hard to put everybody in good positions to go make plays on Sunday. That’s why I have the most confidence in our guys.”

After reading this, you’re probably inclined to slide into Burrow’s DMs. Well, we have bad news and good news for you – the bad news is he’s taken, but the good news is that his relationship with girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher is adorable.

While many football players have a history of infidelity, Burrow has been in a relationship with Holzmacher since they were both in college. They’re not only adorable together, but you can tell that she’s his biggest fan. They don’t post too many pictures of each other on social media, but she’s a regular at his games alongside his family. We love that Burrow hasn’t let fame change his relationship (what a gent!) and that Olivia always supports him. It may be too soon to tell if they’re the next Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they took the crown for best NFL couple in the coming years.

He’s Charitable and Open about Mental Health

Although Joe Burrow is one of the biggest names in football, he remains humble and charitable, which only makes us love him even more. During his acceptance speech for the 2019 Heisman Trophy (college football’s annual MVP award), he spoke of the income inequality he witnessed growing up in Athens, Ohio. He said, "Coming from southeast Ohio, it's a very impoverished area. The poverty rate is almost two times the national average. There are so many people there that don't have a lot. I'm up here for all those kids in Athens and Athens County that go home to not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school."

His childhood experiences inspired him to create The Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund, which helps the Athens Food Pantry provide food aid to the city’s residents, and his Heisman Trophy speech helped the food pantry receive more than $650,000 in donations.

He’s also open about his mental health and how it’s healthy for men to talk about dealing with anxiety and depression. In a 2019 interview, he said, "We are shifting towards being manly is expressing your feelings. I think it is important to talk about adversity that you've faced and low points in your life to show that it is okay to be depressed. It is okay to be sad and anxious and have anxiety."

In a culture that stigmatizes men seeking mental health treatment, it’s nice to see someone as influential as Joe Burrow speak up about it. By being open about how his injuries have negatively affected his mental health, he can inspire many young men across America to take the first step to open up about their own mental health. It takes a truly strong man to open up like that, and we adore him for it.

Closing Thoughts

Joe Burrow’s strong work ethic, leadership skills, and gentlemanly confidence prove that he’s the perfect model of traditional masculinity in a modern man. The fact that he’s handsome, humble, and charitable makes him the whole package, so it’s no wonder that women everywhere are crushing on the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback.

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