Why Wearing Dresses Might Actually Be Better For Your Health

I never thought I would want to write in praise of wearing dresses.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner2 min read

I was such a tomboy when I was young – my mom learned early on that putting me in lace and frills was going to be a fight. But as I grew up and got in touch with my feminine side, I learned that wearing a dress isn’t so bad. If anything, it’s a fun way to express myself that also helps promote my health. 

My Posture Is Better

For some reason, it’s easier for me to slouch when wearing jeans and other pants. I don’t know if this is because women are generally shorter and curvier than men. It’s definitely annoying trying to keep my pants from rolling down when I’m sitting at a desk, yet somehow they never want to stay up when I bend over either. It’s a constant dance wiggling around a waistband that doesn’t compliment my figure.

It’s true that when women do find the perfect fitting jeans, we feel great, but finding that one pair is difficult. Dresses, on the other hand, are generally designed and cut for our bodies. They bell and flow with us. It’s easier to find the right fit and that makes it easier to have good posture.

When I put on a dress, I automatically stand up straight and sit tall. Maybe it’s psychological, but no matter the cut or style of a dress, I subconsciously sit up, and when I walk, I keep my shoulders back and my head high. 

I Have More Body Awareness

Good posture leads to better body awareness. Wearing a dress makes me more conscious of not just how I sit and walk, but whether my ankles are crossed, if I’m in control of my core, and how I talk with my hands.

It’s not bad to be animated when we converse with others, but sometimes I’m painting imaginary pictures and that distracts from proper communication. Slipping into a dress when I know I have a meeting or a big family event where I’m going to see and talk to lots of people helps tone that down a bit. 

In addition, I also engage my stomach muscles more and tighten my butt muscles when I’m wearing a dress, which are simple exercises that help me stay in shape. This is a subtle side effect. I’m not sitting around grunting and working up a sweat. If anything, I don’t even realize I’m doing it half the time, but when the day’s over and I change into my robe or a nightie, I notice the difference. My abs are more defined, and I feel healthier. 

I Eat Better

Again, this may all be psychological, but good posture and being more aware of my body also helps me to eat healthier. I love fitting into a beautiful dress. Soft, lengthy skirts offer a timeless aesthetic that any woman can pull off. 

Just looking in my closet reminds me that I need to maintain a healthy body if I want to continue to fit into my favorite dresses. I’m reminded of this when I put one on, and it helps me to make better eating choices. 

I enjoy salads and fruits and veggies more when I’m wearing a long, flowy dress because I know they properly fuel my body and shape it the way I enjoy. A handful of nuts or trail mix is my favorite snack, and super easy to grab if I’m feeling pretty and want to keep that feeling going all day. 

I Feel Pretty and Confident

It’s a true domino effect. As I eat better, I feel better. Plus, there’s the added bonus that I like what I see in the mirror.

There’s just something about finding a nice dress and slipping into something pretty that boosts confidence and helps me walk with extra class. It’s great for my mental health!

Instead of dressing like a man or lounging around in activewear (as fun as that is some days), allowing my feminine energy to flow and shine from within is complemented by something as beautiful as we women are on the inside.

It doesn’t matter what size a woman is either. Finding something that truly fits us and was specifically made to cater to our physical design, uplifts our mentality and reminds us of our value and worth. Sure, dresses don’t define us, but they can help us embrace our biology and our psychology.

Closing Thoughts

Dresses were made for women. They hug curves and display our best physical qualities. A dress will never define my womanhood, but it can definitely promote my health!

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