Where’s Britney Spears? Here’s Why Britney's Fans Believe The Singer Is Still Not Free And Is Being Controlled By Her Husband, Sam Asghari

#WheresBritney has begun trending on TikTok following Britney Spears’ birthday. Her fans believe the singer’s social media accounts are being controlled by someone else, while others think she’s missing. If you've been out of the loop on the latest theories surrounding Britney, here's everything you need to know.

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Britney Spears and Asghari
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In 2021, an LA-based judge ended Britney Spears' 13-year long conservatorship from her father, Jamie Spears, who reportedly controlled the singer's life. The court process fueled the #FreeBritney social media movement for Spears, causing an outpour of support from social media users all over the country. 

After being set free, Britney Spears began posting snapshots and videos of her life on TikTok and Instagram, even opening up about her horrifying experience of getting institutionalized in 2008. She also finally married her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, after being together for five years. While everything seemed to be going well for Spears – based on her previous social media posts – TikTokers believe that the “Toxic” singer is actually far from free. In fact, some of her fans think her Instagram account is being controlled by her husband or her management team, leading others to speculate that she's missing.

Why Do People Believe Britney Spears Is Not Free? 

It started four days ago, when Britney posted a photo of her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, on her now-deleted Instagram account. “Congratulations on being so brave, inspiring, and showing guts and glory in your show!!!” the caption writes, “You ain’t alone… if anybody knows what that feels like… I get it. My baby sister!!! I love you!!!”

Britney’s tribute to her little sister may seem sweet, but her die-hard fans found her post odd, considering she did call Jamie Lynn a “scum” back in January 2022. Britney wrote up a scathing caption on Instagram earlier this year following the release of her sister’s memoir, Things I Should Have Said. “National best seller???? DUH …. the timing of your book was unbelievable Jamie Lynn … especially knowing the whole world had no clue what was really done to me!!!!” Britney posted.

Because of the evident bad blood between the two siblings, some viewers think that Britney’s recent post for Jamie Lynn (in addition to the other Instagram captions she wrote) are out of character for her. This led many to theorize that Britney is not the one who's in control of her social media accounts. One person, @botchvideo, garnered over half a million views in her TikTok where she discusses the topic. “Britney Spears is not posting on her f*cking Instagram,” she says. She adds, “It’s literally not her, okay? She would never say the things that she’s saying in half these captions. She isn’t actually free, maybe she’s legally free, but she isn’t actually free.” 

The woman in the video explains that there hasn’t been a live interview of the singer in years, and that the hair extensions on her today are the ones she would wear in her old videos during the pandemic. “I think somebody – and I know this sounds crazy – I think somebody drugged her, made her make all these videos, kept a billion of them, just made a bunch of em’, and is posting this crazy sh*t.” She continues to double down on her statement, adding that she’s the biggest Britney Spears fan. 

But Britney’s post on Jamie Lynn isn’t the only reason why people believe she’s not free.

Sam Asghari Is Accused of Controlling Britney Spears after Her Birthday Video 

On Britney’s birthday on December 2, she posted a video on Instagram of her husband, Sam Asghari, singing “Happy Birthday” to her as she sat in front of a pink cake. “Thank you so much,” you can hear Britney’s voice say. She continued, “I love you. Thank you so much, baby.” Then, Sam tells her it’s time to open her gift, to which the singer responds, “Okay.”

The video seems innocent, but it's fueled rumors that Britney isn’t actually the one speaking in it. According to viewers, her voice sounds like a recording. Someone reposted the clip on TikTok with the caption: “Ok I’m just gonna say it. Britney is not free. Or she’s already gone. WTF IS THIS!?!?! Where is she!?!?” Adding, “Why does this sound like they’re playing sound bits of her voice!?!? Why is she wearing her COVID EXTENSIONS!?!? Where is she!!??” 

Britney’s birthday video, in addition to her tribute to Jamie Lynn, fueled speculations that her husband may be controlling her accounts, and some commenters have begun calling him a "handler." Asghari has since denied these claims on his own Instagram during a Q&A. "Do you control her Instagram?" someone asked. "I would never control someone that's been controlled for 13+ years," Asghari responded. 

As for the other fans who are wondering where Britney is – apparently, one TikToker spotted her out at Nobu this week.

One Woman Apparently Has Seen Britney Herself 

This Britney saga just keeps getting weirder. In a now-deleted TikTok video, one woman named Karina detailed a strange experience one of her friend's cousins had while having dinner at Nobu with their baby. According to Karina, some “blonde hillbilly woman” picked up the cousin’s child and started kissing them. Pictures of this said interaction were sent to Karina, and the woman in the image did appear to be Britney Spears.  However, the cousin stated that he didn’t recognize Britney at the time, even though he took photos of her. 

Now, this story reportedly happened on Britney’s birthday. That same night, Britney posted on her Instagram that she has the flu. Asghari also posted a video online that featured Britney standing in the background, but her outfit was different from the photos Karina posted. Strangely enough, Karina made her TikTok account private after it gained a lot of attention. Luckily, others were quick to repost her video along with their thoughts. 

One man, @yourbestfriendjoshua, explained why Karina's account of the situation didn’t make much sense to him. “The story doesn’t check out for me for a few reasons,” he says. “One, nobody else can corroborate that Britney was at Nobu on her birthday.”

He continues, “Two, Britney claimed she had the flu, why would she have gone to Nobu to begin with? Three, why would she just randomly grab somebody’s child? Four, that is not what she was wearing, and her hair did not look like that in the video Sam posted on her birthday." For the fifth reason, the TikToker explains that the woman who made the video is “allegedly an actor.”

@yourbestfriendjoshua also mentions how Karina’s overuse of the terms “hillbilly” and “psycho” to refer to Britney, taking away the authenticity of her video.

Where’s Britney Now? 

After the theories about Britney and her husband went viral on TikTok, the singer deleted her Instagram account. However, she’s known to deactivate and reactivate her social media profiles. Interestingly, Britney actually has a court hearing set today, December 7, 2022, according to Spectrum News

A woman who’s followed Britney’s story noticed that her Instagram account would often get deleted right before her court hearings. @notbrianfallon speculates that others are controlling her profile and are attempting to discredit the "Sometimes" singer. “Britney has court tomorrow [December 7] going up against some pretty powerful people,” she explains, “and they have a history of making her look absolutely bonkers on Instagram and then deleting her Instagram a few days prior to the court date.” In the clip below, she shows all of the times Britney’s Instagram got deactivated before showing up for court. 

“These are all incredibly powerful people with major connections,” adds @notbrianfallon, “and I just, I think it’s convenient timing that her Instagram disappeared because this court date is really important,” she continues, “because this goes on to decide if there are gonna be criminal proceedings.” 

Closing Thoughts 

The hashtag #WheresBritney has been going around on TikTok and Twitter, proving that thousands of people are still concerned about Britney Spears, even though her conservatorship has ended. Is it possible that they’re being paranoid? Based on Britney’s history with her management team and her oppressive family members, it's evident that many of her fans believe these theories aren't too far from the truth.

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