Jamie Spears Demands Britney Spears Is Deposed Over Her "Social Media Musings" About Her Conservatorship And Alleged Abuse

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Judge Overrules Jamie Spears’s Objections To Joint Conservatorship For Britney Spears

Pop sensation Britney Spears was released from her conservatorship earlier this year after spending 13 years of her life under the legal care of her father Jamie Spears.

Since her release from the conservatorship, Britney has been fairly open about the experiences she had prior to her legal freedom. She said her father called her a "fat, heavy girl" and she was so insecure she contemplated getting a breast enhancement. But her father Jamie has come forward to request that she is deposed so he can challenge some of the claims she made about him.

Jamie Spears Demands Britney Spears Is Deposed Over Her "Social Media Musings" about Her Conservatorship

Last week, Jamie's lawyers filed paperwork asking that Britney attend a deposition. "Britney's counsel claims Britney is exempt from discovery obligations regarding her allegations of wrongdoing, but Jamie has a right to prepare his case and depose Britney, as she is the individual making unsupported claims against him," Jamie's lawyer, Alex Weingarten, wrote in the filing.

"She claims through her court filings and through her social media musings to know all kinds of information relating to her allegations of wrongdoing," the filing reads. "Accordingly, Britney either: (1) has the knowledge about her allegations that she professes to have in court filings and on social media; or (2) has no such knowledge or support and simply believes that she can say whatever she wants in court and on social media regardless of whether her allegations are true."

The next proceeding is scheduled for July 13. At the end of last year, Jamie requested payments from Britney's estate for his legal team, due to "ongoing fiduciary duties relating to the winding up of the Conservatorship of the Person and Estate." Britney's legal team filed a motion last month for Jamie to be deposed, and they claimed that Jamie has failed to comply with the last eight dates offered for a deposition.

"Mr. Spears can run, but he cannot forever hide from his legal and fiduciary obligations," Britney's legal team wrote. "After using his daughter's money for more than 13 years to fund his legal fees and expenses, for the first time, Mr. Spears will now have to pay his own legal fees."

Along with her social media content, Jamie and his legal team are particularly concerned with Britney's upcoming tell-all memoir that was locked in for $15 million. It's expected to expose the alleged abuse Britney experienced while under the conservatorship. Less than a week ago, Britney deleted her entire Instagram account and hasn't reinstated it since. Although she is free from her conservatorship, her legal battles seem to be far from over.

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