What To Wear To Meet His Friends For The First Time

By Alyssa Vandermeulen
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The start of a relationship is full of firsts and introductions. Meeting new people with your man is exciting, but it can also be very intimidating!

If you struggle to choose the right outfits for meeting a new guy’s friends and family, you are definitely not alone. The overall stress of making a good first impression on the people most important to him can be overwhelming. But as we all know, a good outfit can add confidence and an inner glow that will serve you well as you get to know his friends. 

A few general guidelines for choosing an outfit can be summed up by occasion, comfort, and style. Occasion is a big one: You’ll want to dress differently if you’re going to the ballgame versus a nice restaurant. Second, your overall comfort is important! You’ll want to be yourself, which means expressing yourself in clothes you feel comfortable and cute while wearing! Don’t lose your personal style in the midst of a new relationship. Finally, choose a style that also reflects your values (and his!). When meeting his friends, you don’t want to be showing a ton of skin but also don’t necessarily want to be overly conservative, especially when it’s hot outside. 

With these guidelines in mind, here is some outfit inspiration for when you’re meeting his friends for the first time (yay!). 

Something Sporty 

Whether you’re heading to the game or simply hanging out casually, a sporty look is a great option for a variety of occasions. Effortlessly cool, an athleisure look is a great way to fit in with his inner circle, without feeling like you have to be the star of the show. This look can also be easily adapted to your personal style as well. Whether you opt for a cute tennis skirt or a matching set and ball cap, the sporty style is a great conversation starter (make sure you’re repping his team!) and is super comfortable for whatever activities you will be doing!

Distressed Denim

An easy way to dress down a cute top while still maintaining your feminine charm is a pair of distressed denim jeans. The perfect balance between approachable and pretty, distressed jeans are a fun way to make your favorite blouse more casual. Whether you opt for a sweet lace top or a long sleeve peasant top for the fall, wear a shirt you know you look great in! Add some light wash, lightly distressed jeans (keyword – light!) and you’ll be good to go!

Dressed Down Trousers 

As you probably already know, workwear has made huge strides in becoming casual wear over the last year, and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. One easy way to look put together and on-trend is to wear a sensible pair of trousers with a cute top, like a tube top or even a crewneck sweater. Cute, casual, but more elevated than sweatpants, the dressed-down trouser combination gives off a fun and approachable vibe when you meet the guys for the first time!

Simple Sneakers 

Casual, comfortable, and friendly – your favorite pair of sneakers can dress down any outfit for a fun hang or drinks out. Especially for the fall season, cute oversized sweaters and sneakers are a perfect look! A crewneck sweater is an everyday essential that can be easily accessorized with simple gold jewelry and a belt bag. There are tons of variations to this style, and you can wear anything from a mini skirt to denim to flared leggings!

Casually Dressed

The last thing you want to appear to his buddies is high maintenance. But you are a lady, so there’s a dress for every occasion. One simple way to show off your daintiness while also keeping a laid-back vibe is a simple dress, particularly in a neutral color. This is a great opportunity to bring out that simple cotton dress or favorite daytime midi, and definitely pair your dress with a flat sandal, a pair of booties, or sneakers (absolutely no heels, trust me on this)!

Closing Thoughts

Meeting his friends doesn’t have to be the cause of a major fashion emergency. Leave the heels at home, swap out your bold lip for a neutral shade, and keep the designer logos at bay. And don't forget to have fun!

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