How To Define Your Personal Style

Ever have that moment when you’re looking through the sale rack at your favorite store, only to think, “What even is my style? Would I actually wear this?”

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
Nesolenaya Alexandra/Shutterstock

From the time we were in middle school and all the way through adulthood, our personal sense of style is one of the simplest ways we can express ourselves. The clothes we wear instantly send a message to those around us. It lets people know whether we’re demure or bold, serious or flirty, easy-going or cautious.

Because we spend much of our teen years and early twenties trying to find our identity, it can be tough to pin down what exactly our personal style is, making it even more difficult to find clothes that we feel good in.

Here’s a breakdown of the six basic styles, how to know if that style represents you, and the best places to shop to achieve the look:

Roll-out-of-Bed Chic

Effortless, poised, and uncomplicated, these girls are always inexplicably chic—and without even trying. You can easily create this illusion with a top to match the season (a basic tee in the summer and a simple sweater in the winter), jeans, a cool jacket, and some ankle boots. A key element with this style is the appearance that you “just threw something on” but still look put-together.

You might be a Roll-out-of-Bed Chic girl if: You tend to like neutral colors and minimal prints. You don’t like an outfit that’s louder than you are.

Where you should shop: Madewell, H&M, and American Eagle Outfitters.

Flirty Feminine

Easily the most dainty, darling, and charming style, girls who subscribe to this look are most often the cutest people in the room. And thanks to their closet’s endless supply of sundresses, wedge sandals, and cute purses to match, they also always look just a tad dressed up but still laidback and approachable. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular styles for ladies!

You might be a Flirty Feminine girl if: You normally go for bright colors or pastels, love some frill, and aren’t afraid of a gorgeous floral print.

Where you should shop: ModCloth, Chicwish, and Anthropologie.

Seriously Business

Refined, elegant, and classy, these ladies know how to command the attention of any room they walk into. Because they take themselves and their clothes so seriously, so does everyone else around them. With their regard for form, quality, and functionality, they’re bound to handle any situation like a boss.

You might be a Seriously Business girl if: You see the beauty in simplicity, love a well-tailored jacket, and think looking professional is of the utmost importance.

Where you should shop: Banana Republic, Express, and Zara.

Boho Babe

Always the talk of any festival, these gals let structure take a back seat, and instead focus on individuality, comfort, and self-expression. With their strong allegiance to hippie headbands, strappy sandals, and handmade statement jewelry, it’s easy to see why these girls often possess a magnetic, glowing personality.

You might be a Boho Babe if: You adore maxi dresses, opt for faded florals and jewel tones, and are daring enough to try bell bottoms.

Where you should shop: Free People, Three Bird Nest, and Lulu’s.

Altogether Active

Seemingly always on the run, these ladies exude vitality, purpose, and determination. And thankfully, with the booming athleisure market, they don’t have to sacrifice their comfort and practicality for some fashion-forward pieces. The best thing about this style is its versatility, serving not only your gym needs but also your everyday grind.

You might be an Altogether Active girl if: You prioritize comfort, love to show off your figure, and need clothes that can keep up with your lifestyle.

Where you should shop: Lululemon, Fabletics, and Athleta.

Edgy Gal

Sophisticatedly grungy, mysterious, and intriguing, these girls are easily the coolest around — powerfully owning the space they occupy, demanding respect without so much as a word, and leaving everyone wanting to be their best friend.

You might be an Edgy Gal if: You have millions of graphic tees, normally opt for black, and have an obsession with leather jackets and boots.

Where you should shop: Missguided, Nasty Gal, and All Saints.

Closing Thoughts

Your style is the first thing people notice about you, so it’s best to invest some time and energy into defining it. Good luck on your style adventures and let your personality shine!