West Wilson From “Summer House” Is A Walking Green Flag—Here’s Why

Bravo shows may be full of Peter Pans, but West Wilson of “Summer House” is here to change that.

By Meghan Dillon4 min read

Fans had high expectations for this season of Bravo’s Summer House, and it’s safe to say it’s living up to the hype. Knowing that the season ends with longtime castmates Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard breaking off their engagement at the end of the season makes it feel like a ticking time bomb of drama, but there is an unexpected wholesome touch in newcomer West Wilson.

For the uninitiated, Summer House follows a group of friends from New York City who spend their summer weekends at a mansion in the Hamptons. Cast members spend the majority of the season partying or causing drama in each other’s lives or relationships, making it the perfect trashy reality show. This season has done a great job of delivering the drama, but ironically, fans are falling in love with newcomer West Wilson because he stays away from it – among other reasons.

Who Is West Wilson?

The 29-year-old sports journalist currently lives in New York City but is originally from Missouri. On his first episode of Summer House, he said his dad is a cattle rancher, his mom is a gynecologist, and he comes from a close-knit family.

He grew up on a farm in Columbia, Missouri, and attended Montana State University Bozeman on a football scholarship to study marketing before moving to New York City in 2018. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has worked in sports media ever since. He was a production assistant for Major League Baseball and currently works as a Sports Social and Editorial Producer for Complex Media. He befriended Summer House costar Lindsay Hubbard in the summer of 2022, landing him a spot on the show for the summer of 2023.

Why Bravo Fans Are Loving West 

From Jax Taylor, Tom Schwartz, and Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules and The Valley to Shep Rose and Austen Kroll from Southern Charm, Bravo is famous (or infamous) for shows that feature men with Peter Pan Syndrome. While it can provide some hilarious television, it gets old pretty fast. Outside of Bravo, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is still remembered for him being the ultimate Peter Pan (the name was just a hilarious coincidence), and it seems that reality shows thrive off men who refuse to grow up. Luckily, this trend appears to be changing in recent years.

The success of Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor proves that reality TV audiences crave good, mature, masculine men, and West Wilson’s popularity on Summer House seems to echo that trend. In a landscape of endless Peter Pans and f-boys, West is a breath of fresh air.

In a recent video on both West’s and Bravo’s Instagram accounts, he hilariously recapped some iconic moments in recent Bravo history, and the comments section shows how much fans love him. Some of the most “liked” comments include, “Best Bravo hire in YEARS,”  “big golden retriever energy,” “He proves that ppl can enjoy @bravotv shows when they are just FUN and not all about misery and in-fighting!” and “We want more of this guy.” 

In short, West is a walking green flag.

To start with, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. He cooked dinner for his housemates on his first night at the house and gets along well with everyone, which is a rare feat on a show like Summer House. He appeared a little insecure when fellow newcomer Jesse Solomon arrived at the house because the girls said they were excited about a tall guy coming, but he didn’t start any drama over it. His friendship with Jesse is one of the most wholesome parts of the season. It goes to show that West is confident instead of arrogant (unlike some of the other guys on Summer House), and it’s super hot. He’s also comfortable in his masculinity. During his first episode, he let a fellow cast member put glitter in his mustache for their Fourth of July party, and he rocked it with confidence. His ability to be silly gives the same energy as a dad playing dress-up with his daughters, and fans can’t help but to swoon.

However, nothing has won fans over as much as his budding relationship with fan-favorite cast member Ciara Miller. After Ciara got screwed over by Austen Kroll a few seasons ago, fans watched her build up a wall to protect herself from getting hurt, and it’s been refreshing to watch her be herself again.

Another major green flag is that West respects Ciara’s wish to go slow. He understands that she has been hurt in the past and takes time to listen to her and reassure her that he isn’t the kind of guy to lead her on. He shows this in both actions and words, proving that he can walk the walk and talk the talk. Fans likely won’t learn their current relationship status until this season’s reunion, but we have our fingers crossed that they’re not only together but thriving.

It’s no secret that reality TV requires some drama to be entertaining. After all, the drama is one of the main reasons why women love watching it (along with escapism and the allure of watching real people fall in love). Many of these shows only focus on women (like the Real Housewives franchises), but shows like Summer House and The Bachelor franchise also rely on men to participate in the drama. However, fan favorites like West and Joey from The Bachelor don’t contribute to it. It may seem counterintuitive for fans to love drama-free men because that would lead to boring reality TV, but it indicates that, at the end of the day, we don’t want to end up with an immature, emotionally volatile man who loves to cause drama. This made it easy for fans to root for Joey on The Bachelor and for West on Summer House.

In fact, West’s popularity among Bravo fans not only proves that audiences want to see the good guys win, but that they’re also craving real masculinity. Effeminate men like Tom Sandoval are out, and hunks like West are in.

How To Find a Man Like West Wilson

Single Bravo fans everywhere are wondering where they can find the West to their Ciara, and one important thing to remember is that masculinity and femininity complement one another perfectly. Ciara is very feminine in the way she dresses and carries herself, which likely helped attract a man like West. Femininity is so much more than a floral aesthetic and a pretty dress, and embracing your femininity will help attract a masculine man. It can be as simple as being kind and offering to help him cook dinner (like Ciara did on West’s first episode of Summer House) or asking him how his day was.

It may seem counterintuitive to embracing your femininity, but one of the best places to meet a masculine man is at a sporting event. This doesn’t mean you have to chug a beer or act like one of the boys – you can carry yourself with class and grace at a game. If you see a cute guy near you, say hello or ask him to explain the game to you, even if you already understand it. Men love to help, and it can help you bond or even discover something new that you enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

For years, reality shows have relied on men who refuse to grow up and who treat women poorly. Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor changed this narrative by demonstrating how audiences are craving good men, and West Wilson is continuing this positive trend on Summer House.

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