Why Joey Graziadei Is The Best Bachelor Since Sean Lowe

At first glance, he appears like all the bachelors that came before him, but after watching a few episodes, you’ll quickly come to realize that Joey Graziadei is a diamond in the rough.

By Caitlin Shaw4 min read

If you haven’t been watching the most recent season of The Bachelor, let me introduce you to Joey Graziadei. He’s a dark-haired, 28-year-old tennis pro with a fun-loving personality. Joey grew up in Collegeville, PA, and attended West Chester University before accepting the job of his dreams as a tennis coach in Kauai, HI. Off the court, Joey can be found surfing on the beach, hitting golf balls at the range, or enjoying a beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

Joey’s not new to Bachelor Nation. He was a finalist on the 20th season of The Bachelorette, also known as Charity Lawson’s season. From the start, Joey was a fan favorite – his easy-going temperament, authenticity, and kind heart caused not only Charity, but also viewers around the country, to fall in love with him.

On Charity’s season, Joey introduced Charity, and Bachelor Nation, to his family. Joey grew up to parents Nick and Cathy Graziadei, with one older sister, Carly, and one younger sister, Eleanor. When Joey was in kindergarten, his parents separated when his father came out as gay. Joey has shared that his father is “one of his favorite people in the world” and someone who he can share anything with. He also maintains that his parents did a commendable job remaining cordial co-parents for him and his sisters. Joey has also been known to feature his sisters on his Instagram, showing their joking spirit and close bond.

When asked about his family’s stance on his Bachelor journey, Joey shared with US Weekly, “I think that one of the most beautiful things about this show is how it’s brought my family closer together. They just have been in my corner.”

Not only was Joey vulnerable on the family front, but he also opened up in his conversations with Charity about interracial relationships. Charity expressed her need for her partner to educate himself on black history, and Joey, while he admitted he’d never dated a black woman before, promised to ensure that she felt seen, heard, and understood to the fullest. Many fans were rooting for his and Charity’s romance throughout the season. (I mean, they hold the record for the longest kiss in Bachelor history, so clearly, their chemistry is there.) But beyond that, fans loved how Joey treated her with the utmost kindness and respect and how maturely he handled serious conversations. So when Charity accepted Dotun’s proposal and sent Joey home, fans were heartbroken.

However, unsurprisingly, Joey handled the breakup with grace and maturity, which only triggered more positive praise from the press. Since 2023, Joey has mended his broken heart and is ready to meet his forever partner. But why are we comparing him to Sean Lowe?

Remember Sean Lowe?

If you haven’t been a loyal member of Bachelor Nation and you missed Sean Lowe’s season back in 2013, let me catch you up to speed. Sean’s season (17) is long considered the “best season of The Bachelor” by many fans. One of the reasons for this is because he’s still married to his final choice woman, Catherine Giudici. Like Joey, Sean was a finalist on a previous season of The Bachelorette (season 8). And when he was sent home, Bachelorette Emily Maynard voiced that she had just sent home “the best guy she’d ever met.”

Sean’s good looks, sweet disposition, no-drama tolerance, and honesty made him an obvious choice to be the next Bachelor. On his season, viewers claimed that Sean always seemed to be most in love with Catherine, which made their love story one that was easy to admire. Apparently, Sean recalled Catherine’s love for elephants from her introductory bio and made sure to incorporate riding elephants into one of their dates. It was little moments of love like these that made Sean an outstanding Bachelor. 

Another aspect of Sean’s season that added to its authenticity was that his season aired before The Bachelor became a show filled with Instagram influencers. Back in 2013, the word “influencer" was barely a thing, but today, The Bachelor attracts a population of contestants who just want to be on the show for the social media clout. But maybe selecting the right man to be the Bachelor will cause more classy and deserving women to want to be contestants. We’re crossing our fingers that Joey can prove that to be true.

Why Everyone Adores Joey

Let’s start off with the obvious: He’s cute! Joey is easy on the eyes, making him an immediate fan obsession. He’s got dark eyes, an incredible smile, and a lean build. But his good looks are not the only thing that people adore about Joey.

People also adore how he comes across as real. Joey has always been very genuine, both in Charity’s season and his own. I feel like Joey would be the same on camera as he is off, and according to many women in the house, he is the kind of guy you meet and instantly feel like you’ve known your whole life.

He’s mature. It’s not easy to be level-headed when your emotions are on the line, but even in serious situations, Joey navigates conflict with maturity. The way he handled the Sydney and Maria drama by giving both girls a chance to tell their story so he could see the whole picture showcases his maturity. Joey has a positive outlook on finding his forever woman, and he won’t concern himself with menial drama or gossip.

Another point in his favor is his athleticism. One of the first things that the audience learns about Joey is that he’s a professional tennis player. Not only this, but he also golfs and surfs in his free time. In several of his dates, both group and one-on-one, Joey is also seen playing sports, dancing, and being active. This only adds to his attractiveness in many viewers’ eyes. 

Furthermore, people love that he’s a good listener. When Joey listens to the girls in the house, you can tell that he’s giving them his undivided attention. Joey shows that he is listening to each woman because he remembers little details from the stories they shared with him.

He’s funny! The producers are certainly letting Joey’s personality show through this season. In on-camera interviews, he’s filmed cracking jokes, being punny, and laughing at himself. This is a nice change from previous Bachelors who almost exclusively showed their serious side to enhance the season’s drama. On this season of The Bachelor, it feels like we’re able to see lots of sides to Joey.

And last but certainly not least, he’s empathetic. Whether the women are opening up about a personal issue in their lives or they’re just voicing their anxiety about the journey on the show, Joey is giving his all to understand their perspective. Talk about a great quality in a life partner!

Closing Thoughts

Audiences have high hopes for Joey and his future wife, and they have since his heart was shattered on Charity’s season of The Bachelorette. Both seasons that Joey has been on have showcased his amazing qualities and heart of gold. If The Bachelor franchise is able to get more Bachelors like Joey Graziadei and Sean Lowe, they may be able to reclaim their reputation as one of the best dating shows on television.

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