We Asked Our Readers: What Masculine Things Does Your Man Do That You Love?

Sure, we like a nice beard, big muscles, and a deep voice, but that’s not the whole of what women look for in a man. So what are the masculine things that guys do that make us swoon? Allow the readers of Evie to tell you.

By Keelia Clarkson4 min read

The rumors are true: Women like men. Specifically, masculine men – men who possess a good, noble, healthy brand of masculinity. We like to know that he’d be able to protect us in any situation, that he’ll be the kind of man we can trust and count on for years to come, and that he has a kind of strength that’s different from ours and balances us out.

Here at Evie, we offer our best advice for single ladies looking to find the right man and for taken and married ladies hoping to be the best girlfriend or wife they can possibly be. Other times, we turn our attention to the many red flags in guys that women in the dating pool shouldn’t ignore, or how to handle various issues that might pop up with boyfriends or husbands. 

But today, we’re shifting our focus and talking about what the men in our lives are doing right. What we love, appreciate, and cherish most about them. This means that if you’re a guy who somehow found himself reading this article, you’re in the right place (this is what women want!).

We asked our readers a simple question: What masculine things does your man do that you love? Countless responses poured in, and just as you’d expect, they’re a wonderful mix of adorable, hilarious, sweet, and beautiful – ranging from the little things he does for her every day to the huge, selfless acts of love and devotion that deserve all the praise. But what they all have in common is that they’re swoon-worthy. And we’re excited to share them with you. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, get comfy, and read on.

What Our Readers Said

“He fixes everything. House things, cars, my problems – he can’t help himself. I never ask.” - Liv

“I am getting a part-time job now that all the kids are going to be in school. He made sure to tell me that any money I make is for me or to do whatever projects I want to do around the house. Supporting the family is his job. One of the sexiest things he’s ever said.” - Maria

“He backs my large car into our very narrow garage for me every day.” - Sydney

“Plays with our children.” - Regina

“Kills all the bugs in the house for me.” - Paula

“He works so hard and has had tough, dirty, sweaty jobs that have brought us up out of the gutter. He has sacrificed his body and soul for the betterment of us and our children’s lives. I am a lucky woman who gets to sleep safely in his strong arms and care for him as he has cared for us. Married 22 years this May.” - Stephanie

“Takes care of his appearance and dresses well. So attractive!” - Elisa

“He walks on the car side of the road when we walk together. One of the many, many things he does that are so small but mean so much.” - Kat

“He has a strong backbone. He negotiates for a living, and he’s never afraid of anyone.” - Jessica

“Chops wood and keeps a fire going all winter.” - Erin

“Being an amazing, active, fully participating father to our kids.” - Kelsey

“Sometimes while hugging he just lifts me and holds me up.” - Rosarito

“He makes plans for us, dinner, vacations, travel, goals… All the plans.” - Kathryn

“He gets up and goes to work every day, and is a respected, hardworking employee. His company goes to him when there is a problem. He rolls up his sleeves and solves it!” - Heidi

“He calls me ‘Beloved.’” - Sarah

“Leads us in prayer. Randomly comes up and kisses my forehead when he passes by me.” - Nikki

“Brought me a cappuccino to enjoy while he roughhoused with the kids.” - Gaia

“Helps take care of our children, helps with chores around the house, fixes things around the house when needed, works on our vehicles when he’s able, makes sure that we don’t need for anything, and is always ready and prepared to protect us.” - Melissa

“How protective he is of me and the boundaries our family sets.” - Denna

“Took care of me postpartum.” - Anna

“When he lightly touches my shoulder or back to guide me through crowded places.” - Hannah

“He watches my back like a hawk. We could go anywhere and I would be safe.” - Taylor

“Just being stable. Emotionally. I’m all over the place and he’s my rock.” - Paris

“Encourages me to pray and turn to God when I’m dealing with stress and anxiety.” - Faith

“When I’m carrying something and he appears and takes it out of my hands and says ‘I got it.’ Takes care of me even when he isn’t in the same room as me.” - Daniela

“He has a rough, underappreciated, manly job (mechanic). He takes care of home renovations and repairs and the cars. Just today, I got a flat, like flat-to-the-rim. And he rescued me lol. On the side of the interstate and there he came with a tire and his power tools.” - Sarah

“He’s the spiritual leader of our home.” - Clarrisa

“He has driven two hours to spend every weekend with me since the day we met (six months straight).” - Veda

“He makes decisions when I’m being indecisive.” - Stacey

“Honestly, the little things, such as getting me a glass of water and putting the dishes away.” - Angelina

“Him being a loving, doting but tough daddy to our boys.” - Caitlin

“He provides for our family so that I can stay home and raise our babies.” - Hannah

“He’s always trying to solve the problems. He protects us even from ourselves. He says it’s his job to make sure we are all okay, he works his hands to the bone to do so.” - Felicia

“Looks out for me — encourages me to slow down and take breaks to care for myself.” - Charlotte

“He is always checking my tire pressure and filling up my tires when needed. I usually don’t even notice that they are almost flat! Also, he can figure out how to fix most anything.” - Jessica

“Brings me roses, smells good, carries things, loves to listen to me talk about even silly things.” - Sarah

“He’s honest about the future commitment that he wants and is not afraid to tell and show me.” - Catherine

“Works hard everyday to provide for us and takes us to church every Sunday.” - Nici

“He protects me, he works very hard, and he has a very sexy salt and pepper beard.” - Holly

“In 12 years never missing a day when he gets to work to text me good morning and he loves me. Eats everything I make him. Even if he doesn’t love it. Never complains.” - Annie

“Tells me I’m safe and that he will protect me.” - Shanene

“Protects me, comforts me in situations, helps me in becoming the best version of myself.” - Laura

“Planning travel vacations, wrestling with the kids, shows them how to make a fire, survival skills.” - Jasmin

“Checks on the odd noise in the middle of the night.” - Holly

Closing Thoughts

Healthy masculinity is good. It makes a man noble, strong, resilient, wise, and loving. But sometimes, we start to take the men in our lives, and everything they do for us, for granted. It’s important to take a step back every now and then and take stock of the things we appreciate most about him - from the little things, like carrying heavy items and fixing things around the house, to the big things, like working every single day to provide for the ones he loves and offering us protection and stability.

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