Want To Dress With Modern Elegance? Learn From Influencer Julia Berolzheimer

Dressing in a way that feels both modern and ladylike is hard, but the ever-elegant influencer Julia Berolzheimer makes it look easy.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Want To Dress With Modern Elegance? Learn From Influencer Julia Berolzheimer

If you’re looking for someone new to follow on Instagram, let me tell you Julia Berolzheimer is a great choice. She’s a fashion and lifestyle influencer who will make your feed so pretty. Her sense of style is very feminine and quite preppy, all while feeling very modern and unique to her. Her posts are always dreamy.

Formerly Julia Engel, Julia married Thomas Berolzheimer eight years ago. And they now share their daughter Clementine together, who is just cute as a button. Their family lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and let me tell you, a bit of time on her page will have you wanting to move there. 

Now while I admittedly do not know Julia Berolzheimer personally, her photos online convey this sense of elegance. So if you’re looking to make that good impression on people in our very casual and modern world, she seems to have the blueprint for how to accomplish that. And what I think that elegant persona all comes down to is style. 

She’s the ultimate modern feminine fashion inspiration. Here’s how you can begin to craft your wardrobe to look more like hers.

Dresses upon Dresses

While dresses are very common for Easter Sunday or maybe you even wear one once a week when you go to church (that’s about how often I wear mine), Julia embraces dresses on a daily basis (give or take a day a two). When did dresses stop being the biggest part of our wardrobe? Julia makes a great case for stepping back into that. So my challenge for you is to wear a dress on one day of the week where you normally wouldn’t, even if you’re just staying home. Check out our guide for the best dress for your body type.

Printed Everything

And as much as she loves dresses, you’ll hardly ever see Julia stepping out in one that doesn’t have a fabulous print. She loves florals or anything that’s dainty or ladylike. I’m convinced these kinds of prints make you stand up straighter.

Puff Sleeves

You thought the Victorian puff sleeve was out? Not so fast. Shows like Bridgerton may have brought the sleeves back into the limelight, but make no mistake they were always a fashionable choice. They’re a detail Julia loves to incorporate, and one that brings an added touch of femininity to what she’s wearing. 

Take on the Blouse

By modern standards, Julia’s style is not casual. But here’s the thing, it’s actually not that formal and can fit into your everyday life easier than you think. If dresses are a bit too much for you at the start, try out a blouse instead. Preferably one that has some frills and a print. 

Use Footwear To Balance Your Outfit

The way to avoid looking overly formal when you’re wearing a dress or a blouse is to dress down with your shoes. A really great pair of flats or even sneakers are the perfect way to wear your dress in the daytime. Plus, if you’re doing a lot of walking your feet will thank you.

Let Your Purses Do the Heavy Lifting

Part of Julia’s put-together look is that she has always thought out each outfit down to the last detail. You mean I can’t run out of the house with the same black purse I always use? Nope, to really look put together you’ll want to thoughtfully choose from the different bags you have for the one that best suits the outfit. A great place to start is to buy one light bag and one dark bag.

White over Black

New Yorkers might favor black, but that doesn’t stop Julia from making her main neutral white. It’s lighter and brighter, and for that reason is a much more feminine color. And contrary to popular belief, when done right, it works year-round. That said, there’s always room for the classic LBD every now and then.

Bring Femininity to the Shore

Berolzheimer doesn’t take days off from her sense of style. Think about it, your style is what you wear every day, not on special occasions. Sun hats with ribbons and retro-inspired swimsuits with feminine details are a couple of ways she takes her feminine fashion with her to the beach. 

Pajamas You Can Be Proud Of

A t-shirt to bed? That’s not how Julia rolls. A more put-together pajama set is a really practical option. It’s something you can take the trash out in the morning if you forget. (I know, I’ve been there!) One of her favorite brands is Lake Pajamas, and she recently designed a gorgeous collaboration with them. I’m completely in love (and you will be too).

Don’t Shy Away from Accessories

Whether it’s a pair of fun earrings or a pretty silk scarf, Julia is always accessorizing. This is an easy way to play with your wardrobe and make each outfit different from the next. Go shopping in your own closet, as I like to say! And when you shop for accessories, try to envision them with as much of your wardrobe as possible. Otherwise, you’ll just wear the same ones day in and day out.

Carry Your Style over to Décor

Style isn’t just what you wear. It’s also how you decorate. It all comes together to create a big picture that tells people something about you. Julia has an overall sense of style that blends seamlessly from her closet to her home. And with thought and planning, you can do the same!

Closing Thoughts

Julia Berolzheimer is the person to follow if you want to achieve modern elegance. Wearing lots of dresses sometimes means that you’ll stand out, but hey, if you stand out for having great fashion sense, I don’t see the harm. Wear what you’re drawn to and love because it’ll bleed into everything you do.

If you want more feminine, Southern style, check out our Reese Witherspoon style guide.

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