We Ranked The Best Outfits From Netflix's "Bridgerton"

Picture “Gossip Girl,” “Outlander,” and any Jane Austen adaptation. Add them all up and put them in a TV show, and you get Netflix’s “Bridgerton.”

By Meghan Dillon2 min read
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Produced by the incomparable Shonda Rhimes and narrated by the legendary Julie Andrews, Bridgerton follows an elite noble family during the social season in Regency London. The social season is where eligible young women seek to secure husbands, and the anonymous Lady Whistledown reports all of the gossip in her society paper that circulates around the city.

Though the show isn’t for everyone (I haven’t seen this much sex and nudity in a show since Game of Thrones), the fashion is incomparable. With over 7,500 pieces of Regency-era clothing and accessories, it’s hard to narrow it down to the top few, but here are some of the best outfits on Bridgerton. Each character is limited to only one entry on this list, otherwise, the list would be everything Daphne Bridgerton and Lady Danbury wear throughout the show.

5. Violet Bridgerton’s Lavender Evening Gown

The matriarch of the Bridgerton family doesn’t have the flashiest style (*cough* Lady Featherington), but she’s still classy and chic. One of my favorites of hers was this simple lavender evening gown. There weren’t many details on the dress and she didn’t pair it with too many accessories, but the simplicity of the dress is what makes it so elegant and helps it stand out.

4. Marina Thompson’s Pink Floral Day Dress

Marina first entered London as a distant cousin of the Featherington family and surprised anyone when she wasn’t the simple country girl they expected her to be. Most of society was shocked by Marina’s effortless beauty, which her wardrobe also reflects. 

Though her ball gowns are beautiful, her day dresses — specifically this pink floral one — were some of my favorites. What I love about this dress is that it’s simple, but it also highlights the simplicity of her beauty. This provides a drastic contrast to the girls in the Featherington family who went all out with their bright outfits but got far fewer suitors than Marina.

3. Eloise Bridgerton’s High Neck Lace Dress

Eloise appears to be the black sheep of the Bridgerton family by rejecting so many societal norms, so it only makes sense that her wardrobe stands out as well. The majority of her dresses are high-neck, but this white lace dress with the peachy pink bow is a head-turner. I think this one really stands out because it fits into the aesthetic of the Regency era but feels very modern with the pussy-bow detail. I could definitely imagine seeing a piece like this on the runway during fashion week or something similar on a blouse at a boutique.

2. Lady Danbury’s Silver Gown

One thing I love about Lady Danbury’s wardrobe is how much it reflects her personality. She’s very bougie and is known for her sharp-tongue, but she also has a heart of gold. This silver gown is beautifully regal and reflects her high status, and the small details in the gown make it a head-turner. I also loved her other ball gowns and her beautiful day dresses, but very few outfits speak to her character like this silver gown.

1. Daphne Bridgerton’s Blue Lace Gown

One thing that makes Daphne stand out is that she’s naturally beautiful and can effortlessly rock stunning dresses. This blue lace gown is no exception, and though her wedding gown and the gown she wore with her family diamonds were close seconds, the ethereal femininity of this gown helps it stand out. It’s not too over the top, but it’s also a head-turner because of the delicate lace details and feminine silhouette.

Another thing I really like about this gown is the fabric. Though it’s perfect for the Regency era, I can also see this fabric in many modern silhouettes. Honestly, I think I could find a way to incorporate this exact dress into my wardrobe.

Closing Thoughts

From Marina’s simple day dresses to Lady Danbury’s exquisite gowns, Bridgerton has some of the most beautiful costumes. Anyone who loves the fashion of Regency England is sure to love the costumes on the show.