VS Angel Doutzen Kroes’ Best Style Secrets

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VS Angel Doutzen Kroes looks good in just about anything, but we’ve compiled some of her best style moments for inspiration.

Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel. Outside of modeling, she’s also appeared in small roles in the movies Justice League and Wonder Woman. From angels to superheroes, Doutzen has it down.

Outside her career, Doutzen is also a very devoted wife and mother. She has been married to Dutch DJ Sunnery James Gorré for almost 11 years now. The two share two kids together, Myllena and Phyllon. 

Doutzen recently came under fire for her statement on why she’s chosen to not get the Covid-19 vaccine despite all of the pressure put on her to do so. Fellow supermodels like Gisele Bündchen have voiced their support for her amidst a lot of hate and criticism as a result of her expressing her opinion.

Now, with a bit of background on Doutzen, let’s break down her style secrets. 

Model Off Duty Chic

1. Elevate the Classics

Doutzen shows how you can make a relaxed style look special. The leather jacket helps to elevate her basic white button-down and jeans. 

As a mom and working model, Doutzen knows that life gets busy. Don’t we all know it? Sometimes your basic jeans, boots, and scarf are just the ticket to get you through a fall day. But you get bonus points for having a cool jacket to make your running-out-the-door outfit that much more clean. 

2. Incorporate the Utilitarian

If this isn’t a case for Doutzen being in the next Top Gun, I don’t know what is. In any event, a green bomber jacket and dark sunglasses are the perfect aviation fashion inspiration. You can make it look extra chic with a white button down and a red lip like Doutzen has. 

3. Try Minimalistic Chic

Doutzen’s sense of style is often pretty minimalist. She tends to shy away from a lot of color in her day to day life. And that’s actually a great tip for building a wardrobe because each item is more versatile. If neutrals aren’t your vibe, figure out the colors and shades that work for you and stick to them. 

Sometimes great style is all about just not overthinking it. You can't go wrong with a closet staple like her simple gray coat.

Keep It Feminine

1. Go Floral

How beautiful she looks in this simple mid-length floral dress! Coordinating her bag with her shoes made this outfit seriously chic. 

2. Or Go Dark (But Still Feminine)

Sometimes black can feel a bit heavy and make you feel like an emo kid in high school. Doutzen shows how to make black look anything but emo. The key is a fitted, streamlined silhouette that makes you look like a mature woman rather than an angsty teenager.

3. Get Cozy

Thought cozy and chic didn’t go together? Doutzen proves you wrong with this cozy sweater dress and boots she’s wearing on a walk with her daughter. Finding ways to look nice in clothes that aren’t so precious you’re afraid to go outdoors and do things is a tough balance to strike. An outfit like this would also be a great choice for a family portrait session. 

Go for Americana Style

1. Denim on Denim

Doutzen was a bit more playful in this outfit where she doubled up on denim with a denim skirt and a denim jacket. But you’ll notice that they are two varying shades of blue, and she breaks it up with the black sunglasses and black knee high boots. 

2. Embrace Your Inner Cowgirl

Doutzen went western-inspired in this women’s suit that she paired with a belt buckle, bandana, and boots. Perfect for a little country dancing with some friends or a date.

3. Try Country Glam

The cut of her dress is a lot like something you’d see girls wearing to a country music concert, but the rhinestones and her edgy boots give her outfit a whole different vibe. 

Go for the Statement

1. Animal Print Is Always a Yes

A quick tip for a fun outfit is bringing out the animal print. Whether you make it an accent piece or go all out with an animal print sweater dress, Doutzen proves this style choice is a super fun one. 

2. Go for the Bold

When Doutzen wears color, she often reaches for red. And it’s easy to see why because it really suits her. A dress like this is perfect for the holidays whether you get all done up, or as Doutzen shows is possible, go chic but very relaxed. 

3. Embrace Your Curves

Don’t forget about the LBD. Doutzen’s baby bump looks adorable on both of these red carpets. And just changing up her hairstyle and makeup made two very similar dresses look totally different. Different hairstyles and lipstick shades are your best friend for mixing things up!

Closing Thoughts

Doutzen Kroes is easy to like. She’s beautiful, of course, but also a great wife and mother who isn’t afraid to go against the grain and stand up for her beliefs and the personal choices she’s made for her life. And her somewhat minimalist style is the perfect inspiration when you’re feeling like you need to change it up. 

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