Gisele Bündchen Defends Doutzen Kroes Over Her Anti Vaccine Mandate Post

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shutterstock Gisele Bündchen Defends Douzten Kroes Over Her Anti Vaccine Mandate Post

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen is the latest to come to her friend Doutzen Kroes' defense over her "controversial" Instagram post.

"I will not be forced to take the shot. I will not be forced to prove my health to participate in society. I will not accept exclusion of people based on their medical status," Doutzen wrote in an Instagram post, her first time posting on social media in months.

While Doutzen had a ton of support for standing up against forced vaccinations, she also had some followers upset. They noticed that fellow supermodels Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Lais Riberio, and Nadine Leopold, as well as Yolanda Hadid, liked her post. Lais was the first to defend her friend from criticism, after receiving hate for commenting on Doutzen's post.

"I took it, my family took it, my son took it... I know Doutzen, I know where she comes from with everything she wrote, and I accept her opinion, if she doesn't want to, then it's up to her, no one is obliged to do anything..." Lais responded.

vaccine response from Lais Riberio Doutzen Kroes

Even more recently, Gisele Bündchen came to support her fellow VS model in the comments, writing, “I know Doutzen and she is a kind and loving person. I can’t believe the hate being directed at her because she expressed her feelings. It saddens me to see all the judgment and the lack of empathy in so many peoples hearts. Hate is not the answer.”

Gisele continued, “I invite you to silence your mind and go deep within to find love in your heart so we can all unite in peace and create harmony in our lives and in our world. We need it more than ever.” Since she commented, Gisele has gotten over 5,000 likes on her statement.

vaccine comment from Gisele Bundchen Doutzen Kroes

While it's unclear whether or not Gisele has been vaccinated, she and her husband Tom Brady are famous for the long list of foods they don't put in their bodies, including nightshades, sugar, caffeine, and iodized salt. So if she has, I'm sure she's put a lot of time and research into it.

Bruce Arians, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has said that the Buccaneers are 100% vaccinated, which would mean that Tom Brady is as well, although he's never come out one way or another personally.

Click here to read Doutzen Kroes' full post.

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