How To Style This Season’s Must-Have Transitional Piece In A Feminine Way

Vests are officially back! From puffer vests to athletic vests and quilted floral vests, thrifting culture has increased the popularity of this must-have item. The ultimate transition piece from fall to spring, vests deserve a place in your wardrobe this season!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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The vest has been around for a while, but it can go out of style quickly when it’s overdone. To avoid the overly preppy aesthetic, avoid buying vests with large logos and obvious branding. For example, the Vineyard Vines fleece vests are reminiscent of early 2000s coastal fashion – which we would like to leave in the past, exactly where they belong. Even if you don’t live somewhere with low winter temps, a vest is a great way to add seasonal touches without sweating through your day. 

Vests also make great transitional pieces from winter to spring and even summer to fall. These light layers add contrast and warmth to basic outfits, and are often the perfect pop of seasonal color to tie everything together. There are days when a jacket is too heavy and a coat is unrealistic, which is why you should have at least one vest in your wardrobe. 

A tip to consider when purchasing a vest, specifically a puffer vest, is to avoid a tight silhouette. Even if you have a smaller frame, tight puffer vests often give the appearance of a life jacket – which is not exactly a fashion statement you want to be remembered for! Or, on the flip side, an overly puffy vest in a bright (orange) shade can give serious Marty Mcfly vibes, which is cute for Halloween and not so cute for February! 

To avoid looking like a middle-aged dad in your vest, follow these tips for cute and feminine styling! 

With Leggings 

Vests, particularly puffer vests, are the perfect winter touch to your favorite activewear outfits. Throw on a pair of flattering leggings, a simple sweatshirt, and a cute pair of sneakers, and then add your bright puffer vest on top! You can wear this outfit for athletic activities or for everyday errands and outdoor coffee dates. 

With a Dress

If vests and dresses aren’t an immediate combination you reach for, allow me to change your mind! Vests, especially of the denim or fleece variety, are basically a close cousin of your favorite layering piece: the denim jacket! This outfit looks great with consistent neutrals, and the French girls are even wearing this look with a pair of UGG minis! Hello, spring transitional fashion! 

With Trousers

Can vests be office-appropriate? Absolutely! Vests add the perfect finishing touch to a cohesive outfit, and they add extra warmth if you have a commute or simply work in an air-conditioned space. You can style a vest for professional or casual wear with just a simple switch of accessories, but the trousers add a polished touch to any vest outfit. 

Want to retire your trousers for the weekend? Swap them for a pair of leather pants!

With Denim

Even as the winter blues are in full swing, the spring season is approaching! A simple outfit can be immediately transformed with a patterned or embroidered vest. These types of vests are easier to find in thrift stores, as many major fashion retailers have not caught on to this style yet in the United States. 

Or, for a fun take on the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, you can pair a denim vest with shorts of the same hue, plus cowboy boots! The denim vest is super versatile for all seasons and can be styled in so many ways! 

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