How To Copy Paige Lorenze's Preppy Style

Need a new style aesthetic to obsess over? With all of the soft colors and materials of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic mixed with the subtle class of the tennis court, Paige Lorenze’s preppy style is definitely one to emulate this season!

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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Paige Lorenze is the queen of Dairy Boy, a company that specializes in home goods, clothing, and accessories that emphasize the sweetness of a dairy farm. Based in Connecticut, she has a thriving business and a massive social media following, sharing her gorgeous country lifestyle with the world. She is also dating Tommy Paul, a tennis pro, so she has access to the most exclusive clubs and tournaments – which means more stylish outfits for us to drool over.

Paige Lorenze grew her following on both Instagram and YouTube, with over 500,000 followers on her socials. Her posts are a mix of gorgeous and down-to-earth outfits reminiscent of something Princess Diana would wear in 2023 and lifestyle spreads in her standard tones of blue, white, and brown. Love her page? Check out her shop as well, as it features a similar aesthetic you can bring into your home! 

Let’s look at her best looks and how to channel your inner Paige Lorenze! 

Style Inspo

We love Paige Lorenze because her style is down-to-earth and classic; she avoids trendy pieces and invests in wardrobe basics that can be styled in dozens of ways. If you feel bored with your current clothing lineup, you should probably swap out the trendier pieces for sustainable items that will last from season to season. Some pieces to include, based on her impeccable style, are medium wash denim, neutral cowboy boots, simple white tops, oversized knit sweaters, vintage-inspired mini dresses, and elevated matching sets. 

Denim is the name of the game. Solid denim pieces are timeless and can be worn with anything in your closet! Paige Lorenze styles her well-fitting denim for every season – accentuating her waistline and creating a classically beautiful look that is functional for her lifestyle. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to ride horses every day, you can still confidently style your favorite denim according to her coastal cowgirl aesthetic!

Want to switch up your cowboy boots for something just as classic? White tennis shoes are the perfect touch to a country club/tenniscore inspired look. Pair these shoes with a cute matching set or a tennis dress for daytime style. Elegant and functional, this is a much-needed update to your drab athleisure wear. 

Another way to channel Paige Lorenze’s style is through purposeful accessories. The coastal cowgirl look features trucker hats as well as dainty hair ribbons, which add sweetness to the overall outfit. Or, a pair of flattering sunnies and elegant gold jewelry are the perfect pair for any event at the country club.

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