"#VaxxedToTheMax" Lawyer Collapses During Canada Emergencies Act Inquiry

By Nicole Dominique
·  2 min read
poliquin collapses
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Gabriel Poliquin, a Canadian-based lawyer, suddenly collapsed while examining a witness who was present at the Freedom Convoy protest.

The Freedom Convoy was a series of demonstrations that took place in Canada this year, where truckers created blockades in protest against the strict Covid-19 vaccination mandates. In February, Justin Trudeau authorized the Emergencies Act to fight against the demonstrations. Gabriel Poliquin, the Public Order Emergency Commission lawyer for Canada, collapsed while questioning Ontario Deputy Solicitor General Mario Di Tomasso. Poliquin was tasked with reviewing the circumstances that led to Trudeau's Emergencies Act during the protest.

Poliquin, who is seen standing on stage, reviews a document and asks Di Tomasso a question about commercial vehicles. After Tomasso responds, Poliquin grabs a bottle of water and suddenly collapses. The hearing was then halted but resumed hours later. A spokesman has told The Canadian Press that they will not share further details about Poliquin "out of respect for him and his family."

In 2021, Poliquin shared a photo of himself standing alongside a sign that says, "I got vaccinated!" He added that he was "#VaxxedToTheMax," leading users to believe that AstraZeneca was the cause of his collapse. "The cause of the fall will be labelled as anything under the sun Except the one thing that we all suspect has been making tons of people 'fall' lately," says @kimmieM1973.

Others suspect Poliquin was under a lot of pressure. "I hope he will be OK. I imagine it's a lot of pressure at this inquiry. My blood pressure would be racing if I had to do that," comments @BrynnWalker5309. "Blood pressure from being a seasoned lawyer -I don’t think that’s it. it’s v possible it’s the mRNA jab," responds @piianogiirl.

Luckily, Poliquin seems to be doing well and remains positive after the incident. "Hello! As Commissioner Rouleau said this morning, I should be up and running in a few days," he writes. "Thank you to those who have sent me messages of friendship and support - your humanity and compassion have meant a lot."

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