A New Group Of Truckers Called The 'People's Convoy' Is Heading To Washington D.C. To Protest Covid Vaccine Mandates

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Freedom Convoy Michigan

The fight for freedom is coming to our capital's doorstep. A group called the People's Convoy has committed to driving cross-country to Washington, D.C. in order to fight for bodily autonomy.

This week a group of truckers, campers, pickups, and SUVs took off from Adelanto, CA to drive across the country to land in D.C. They call themselves the People's Convoy, and they are hell bent on bringing the message of freedom to the bureaucrats at the Capitol. Hundreds of people gathered in the cold on February 23 to rally together in solidarity before they made the long trip.

The People's Convoy Was Inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Canada

The Freedom Convoy that occupied Ottawa, Canada had a huge impact on the global conversation about the coronavirus vaccine mandates. Even though Prime Minister Trudeau and his tyrannical seize of emergency powers drove them out of the Canadian capital, plenty of Californians saw a glimpse of hope and decided to emulate their protest.

"To the truck drivers around the world: Now is your time to stand up. Now is your time to usher in a renaissance time of freedom," truck driver and event organizer Brian Brase said at the People's Convoy rally. "Do not bow down."

One of the organizers, Maureen Steele, 57, said the motorists are planning to arrive in D.C. after the State of the Union address on Tuesday – but that won't be their last stop. “This convoy starts in Barstow and ends in freedom," she said.

When they took off from Adelanto, the vehicles blasted "God Bless the U.S.A." on their stereos and had patriotic messages of support plastered on them. There were "F U Biden" signs on many of the vehicles, as well as "Don't Tread On Me" flags.

The truckers keep reiterating that this isn't a partisan issue. It's about freedom, bodily autonomy, and the working class being able to continue their work without government overreach.

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