Evangeline Lilly Urges Justin Trudeau To Listen To 'Freedom Convoy' Truckers And Stop "Attacking Them As Terrorists"

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Evangeline Lilly

Few celebrities have had the gall to speak out against the coronavirus vaccine mandates, and even fewer have been strong enough to publicly support the "Freedom Convoy" truckers and their protest in Ottawa.

Lost and Ant-Man star Evangeline Lilly is one of those few celebrities. The Canadian actress previously attended a freedom rally in Washington, DC to support the truckers' right to assemble and occupy Ottawa in order to raise awareness about the unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Evangeline Lilly Has a Message for Justin Trudeau

On February 18, Evangeline did a livestream in which she urged people to truly listen to the pleas of the Freedom Convoy truckers. She also pressed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sit down with the truckers and hear their concerns rather than "treating them with prejudice, suspicion, and illegal repression." She insisted that protesting something that "deeply concerns you in our society" is not terrorism.

The actress astutely points out that Trudeau and the media have been smearing the protestors and representing them in a false light. "You and the corporate media have painted them in a very different picture," she said. "You as a group have gone from ignoring these protestors to dismissing them as a fringe minority to smearing them as racist and misogynistic to now attacking them as terrorists."

"Protesting something that deeply, deeply concerns you in our society is not terrorism."

She spoke directly to Trudeau: "When you became Prime Minister of Canada, you did not just become the Prime Minister of the people who agreed with you. You became Prime Minister of every Canadian."

"Protesting something that deeply, deeply concerns you in our society is not terrorism. It is the civic duty of every Canadian," Evangeline continued. "It is our job as the people to hold our leadership accountable if they are infringing on our inalienable rights, if we suspect that they have become corrupted or compromised in any way—or simply, if we think they’re wrong in monumental decisions they are making on behalf their people.”

She also urges everyone to listen to one another rather than live in fear. "Don't let the press brainwash you into division and hatred," she concluded. "Listening is the only way out of the ideological mess.”

Evangeline couldn't be more right, but of course, this is exactly why she herself is being attacked for spreading "misinformation" and "denying science." But she continues to speak up, as we all should, because it's only a matter of time before tyrannical leaders like Trudeau are forced to back down and realize that the people hold more power than he ever will.

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