Valentine's Day Tip: How Do You Know If Someone Likes You? 10 Body Language Signs He's Into You And Is Interested

Valentine's Day is coming up! But how do you know if he likes you back without him actually telling you? Luckily, even if he hasn't explicitly said "I like you" yet, his body language will tell you the truth.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Ah, Valentine’s Day – the most romantic time of the year. Unfortunately, the current dating scene we have now is difficult, and it’s getting harder for both men and women to be honest about their feelings. Maybe you’re in this exact same predicament, and you’re not sure if your potential date likes you back. Perhaps you’re anxious and you want to make sure he’s into you before you confess your feelings – which is totally understandable!

If this is you, take a deep breath and read on. Here are some body language signs you should look out for before you make a move. 

His Body Is Facing You

If his chest, shoulders, or feet are facing you, this means he's interested in what you have to say and is attracted to you. Even if he's not looking into your eyes, you have his attention. 

He's Leaning into You 

Pay attention if he leans into you when you're talking. If he naturally moves closer to you during a conversation, it's because he's intently listening and wants to be near you.

He Mirrors You

If you notice that he's mirroring any of your movements, then he's paying attention to you and is subconsciously mimicking you as a result. You can actually put this to the test when you're with him by checking your watch, crossing your legs, leaning back, or rubbing your neck. If he copies you, he's showing empathy and might like you.

He Licks His Lips 

According to one body language expert – Patti Wood – when you're attracted to someone, your mouth actually produces more saliva, and the licking of the lips is a natural response to this. It sounds creepy, but if he's doing it with subtlety, then you can take it as a good sign!

Eyebrow raise

He Raises His Eyebrows When He Sees You

Monica Moore, a psychologist who has spent thousands of hours observing people flirt, found that the eyebrows often give nonverbal courtship cues. The term "eyebrow flash" describes the exaggerated raising of the eyes and brows, which are quickly lowered after. If you see this in action, it's an indicator that he's sexually or romantically interested in you.  

His Pupils Are Dilated 

Here's the science behind dilated pupils: Oxytocin and dopamine are released in your body when you're attracted to someone. These "love hormones'' can cause someone's pupils to grow. So next time you want to hang out with him, make sure to pick a place with good lighting.

He Nervously Fidgets

If he's playing with his hair, rubbing his neck, or messing with his tie, then it's possible he's nervous! This is typically a good sign – it means he's into you and wants to impress you.

He Slouches and Seems Relaxed

I know I just told you that nervousness is a good sign...but so is comfortability! If he's slouching in his chair or seems at ease, this means he finds you warm and pleasant to be around. 

He Smiles with His Entire Face

If he's showing his teeth and his smile extends beyond his mouth – like to his forehead or eyes – then it means he's genuinely happy with you. "Guys stop smiling like this around the age of 5 – unless they're really happy," explains Wood. She adds, "When he feels really happy, he's not covering that up."

cillian murphy smile giff

He's Not Blinking Much

This might sound creepy, but it's really not! If he's staring at you for a while without blinking much, take notes. “If it seems like the person has been staring for quite a while, that’s a good sign,” body language expert and coach Naz Brown says. "It’s not uncommon for someone experiencing attraction to sync their blinks with the person they’re talking to.” As for blinking less, she says, "Basically, they don’t want to blink and miss a second of looking into your eyes."

Henry Cavill

Closing Thoughts

It can be daunting to just ask someone, “Do you like me?” While we encourage everyone to muster up the strength to be honest and speak up, the reality is that social anxiety can get in the way. If this resonates with you, try examining his body language first before you make a move! If you find that he does exhibit many of the signs in this list, then you're in luck and might just have a date for Valentine's Day.

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