5 TikTokers Share Their Shocking Injuries They Claim Were Caused By The Covid-19 Shot

More people on social media are coming out to share their Covid-19 vaccine injury stories. See the brave TikTokers who decided to go against the grain and speak out about their negative experiences with the jab.

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Myocarditis, bell’s palsy, blood clots, fatigue, and miscarriages have been reported by people who have taken the Covid shot – the same vaccine that is supposed to protect them from getting sick. The more we hear about the mRNA vaccine’s negative effects, the more we question its real purpose and effectiveness. Why is it that the government is okay with proposing a "one-size-fits-all" injection to an entire population when some people may have a predisposition to certain injuries? And even though the CDC is aware of the side effects that do occur in some people who get the shot, they still like to claim the vaccine is far safer than not getting one. 

Today, thanks to social media, people who claim they were injured by the Covid-19 vaccine are sharing their stories to raise awareness of its dangers. Unfortunately, many of the vaccine-injured TikTokers are drowned out by the noise of doctors on the platform who are often saying that there's nothing to worry about when it comes to the jab. It also goes without saying that the algorithm (on most major platforms) does not favor these types of content. Nevertheless, here are some of the individuals who have bravely decided to come out and share their vaccine injury stories on social media.

Alexa Quinter Got Disabled after Taking the Vaccine

“My name is Alexa Quinter and I was disabled after taking the vaccine," she says at the beginning of her video. Alexa adds that she initially thought the Covid-19 vaccine was a good choice for her but now realizes that it wasn't. She showed a "before" photo of herself looking perfectly healthy and normal – but her "after" picture shows her with a walker.

It all began just one week after her first shot, when Alexa started to experience some of the "normal" side effects, including fatigue, nausea, and headaches. But one day, when she was with her coworkers, Alexa suddenly fell. "I was walking with one of my coworkers, and I just felt like someone had just pulled a rug out from under my feet," she says. "It freaked me out so bad." Alexa thought she was just tired and continued to "gaslight" herself until her symptoms continued to get worse. About three weeks after her shot, Alexa blacked out on her way to a hotel room. 

Alexa went to the hospital, and, surprisingly, her doctors admitted that they believed her symptoms were caused by the vaccine. "They both believed that the vaccine caused a systemic inflammation in my body but specifically targeted the vestibular system, AKA the inner ear," she adds. Yet, when Alexa was discharged, her summary did not mention anything about a vaccine reaction, and she was sent home with a walker. After that, Alexa took up physical therapy, was tested for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, and was also diagnosed with vestibular migraines. Today, Alexa Quinter still courageously shares updates on her journey to recovery!

John Stokes, a Student-Athlete, Experienced Heart Problems after the Shot

"I am in the hospital right now with heart complications from the Covid-19 vaccine," John Stokes says in his video. Stokes was a Division I student-athlete who had no prior health complications before his shot. He was shortly diagnosed with myocarditis after receiving his second dose. "And [I] was told that I probably won't be able to play my senior season now," Stokes added.

Luckily, Stokes posted an update almost four months after his hospitalization. His cardiac MRI came back with good results, showing no signs of inflammation or scar tissue. "God is so good," Stokes shared.

The Vaccine Caused Her To Be Diagnosed with Multiple Conditions

@sezzzi shared a compilation of videos she's posted on TikTok showing the deterioration of her health after the vaccine. She says she was diagnosed with severe and prolonged pericarditis, costochondritis, and pleuritis. "My body has carried me through SO MUCH," she writes. "And it will continue to carry me through this!"

Maddy's Shot Resulted in Weekly Hospital Visits

Maddy took the Covid-19 vaccine to work in Coronavirus units at the hospital but ended up getting five months of "adverse reaction symptoms" and weekly emergency room visits.

One Woman Shares a Heart-Wrenching Compilation of Her Injuries

TikTok user @slim_and_glow uploaded a short compilation of her different reactions to the vaccine. The series of videos show involuntary shaking (possibly due to tremors), bruises on her legs, and her using crutches to walk. 

"I feel our voices need to be heard, we deserve answers, and we deserve to be getting the right treatment and help to improve our quality of life moving forward. I want to fully share and spread the word on my conditions and how I got to where I am with it all – due to being injured by the 🦠💉," she writes in her caption.

Closing Thoughts

It doesn’t take much to find people who have been injured from the vaccine anymore. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and even websites like Reddit all have users who are posting their health journey after getting injured from their shot. The question is, how many more people need to get hurt? When will the push for vaccinations finally end?  

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