TikTok Is Making Fun Of Miley Cyrus' Voice, But Why Did It Change? Here's What Happened To It

What happened to Miley Cyrus' voice? TikTok is making fun of the "Hannah Montana" star's raspy vocals, but there's actually a reason behind her voice change.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Miley Cyrus made headlines earlier this year when she dropped her single "Flowers" on the same day as her ex-husband's birthday. Now, however, her raspy voice is trending on TikTok. The singer recently uploaded a snippet of an interview on the platform where she discusses the hit song. Fans noticed how her voice has changed over the years, prompting many people to make fun of her deep and raspy speaking voice.

Not only are some people mimicking Miley in their videos, but a few are even comparing her to the demon-possessed girl in The Exorcist. These clips might be funny at first, but there's actually a reason behind Miley's gruff sound. 

Does Miley Cyrus Still Smoke?

If she does, it’s only CBD. It’s true that Miley used to smoke marijuana, and she also had an on-and-off relationship with tobacco. But according to her mom Tish Cyrus, Miley is now clean and only smokes CBD. “First of all, Miley doesn't even smoke pot anymore. She smokes CBD only. She doesn't drink. She's the cleanest person I know. She's like, she's just so solid,” Tish revealed on the Chicks in the Office podcast in 2020.

Miley backed her mom’s statements on the Joe Rogan Experience that same year. “I don’t smoke anymore, and I’m sober. I’ve been sober, pretty much the vocal surgery kind of did it for me because I just learned so much about the effects,” she admitted. “You’re just taught it’s not really the drinking, it’s the staying up all night. Once you have your drink, you end up smoking.”

Here’s Why Miley’s Voice Sounds Different 

Miley began her sobriety in late 2019 following a vocal cord surgery. She was diagnosed with Reinke’s edema, a chronic disease described as the build-up of fluid (edema) located in the top layer of the vocal folds (Reinke's space). It's caused by reflux disease, frequent vocal use, and heavy smoking. The symptoms can range from hoarseness to a deeper voice and difficulty singing high notes.

The Last Song actress’ voice changed after she underwent the procedure. "Over the last year, I noticed a really big change to my voice, kind of a heaviness to it,” she told Joe Rogan. “And I experienced some heavy things. I feel like it is a reflection. It is a kind of scar in a sense. But also kind of having the surgery was a gift because I was able to understand my instrument.”

Miley has performed on stage ever since she was a young girl. This, coupled with smoking and talking, may have led to her diagnosis. “I started touring at probably 12 or 13,” she recalled. “The adrenaline that you have after a show – it’s not really the singing that affects your voice as much. It’s afterwards, you’re totally on, and it’s really hard to get that sleep. You stay up, talking all night. Later, the talking all night turned into smoking all night. And now, this is kinda where we’re at.”

Yet, Miley remains optimistic – she views her new voice the same way one sees their skin throughout the years. "It collects wrinkles, and it tells a story."

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